Complaining thread 4,246

Okay, so I am not back for good (I honestly just want to asks for people to pray for the soul of a priest), but I might as well take advantage using CAF whilst I can.
Why is it so hot?
Why can I not find my books?
Why do I run out of coffee so quick?


Forget everything else! This is the real problem.

I suggest buying large quantities of coffee.


Not a problem.



Thank you, but no. I do not like Starbucks or Iced “Coffee”:nauseated_face:

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Number three is a really good question.

That’ll do.

I know I just came back, but I’m running into things that are the reason I left to begin with.:anguished:

I am complaining that Adam won’t stay away from the places that cause him trouble! And then I am complaining that he said he isn’t staying. :rage:

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One of these days, I’m probably going to finally post a rant of all my problems here. For now, though, I’d rather spend my free time relaxing with my cat, so I just set the forum to ignore the particularly bad actors.

The Clash-Should I stay or should I go


I am complaining that people like cats :rage:

I have no complaints at the moment, but I do appreciate this thread being here in case something comes up.


I am complaining about your lack of complaints

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I like cats and dogs both :upside_down_face:Almost equally .
How did you fare with storms lately ? Were they near you?
I will complain about …hmm lets see…umm,hmmm…that I can’t think of anything to complain about at the moment ?:thinking::sweat_smile:

Almost 100F during the day and partly cloudy. That said, I am complaining that some people think it is too hot for coffee


It’s 52F here …and just right for drinking coffee,pass it over pal, :smirk_cat::coffee:

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Never! I can’t complain about the heat because I was on the phone with my Saudi friend (he had to go back home until he can renew his visa)and I said “how’s the weather there”? And he said “It’s about 95…at night,115 during the day”,and I told him that I am never going to complain about the heat in South Carolina again

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I found this exists. I don’t know about you, but this would be great for me. :wink: :coffee:


I have a thermos like twice that size

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Too hot for hot coffee?

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