Complaining too often can distance us from Jesus, says Pope Francis

Thank you, very much. I feel inspired, corrected.

God bless Pope Francis.


You and me both. :wink:


One of my pet peeves!:wink:

The Holy Father seems to be highlighting all my besetting sins - complaining, gossiping! So grateful for the reminder of God’s divine mercy today!

Lucky, I’m so glad Pope Francis’s homilies are bringing you comfort.

People should stop complaining about how the Catholic Church won’t change her teachings.

Thanks, our Holy Father certainly has inspired me and I can hardly wait to see what he will preach about next. Remember to keep praying for him!

thank-you so much! Maybe this should be posted as a sticky to remind everyone when they want to use CAF as their venting spot.

Wonderful. Thank you.

I needed to hear this. Thanks.

Remember what God did to the Israelites when they complained about the conditions on the Exodus? Here they were, freed from slavery and all they could do was whine about how much better they had it in Egypt and why they didn’t have any meat, just this manna stuff…Scripture says that God’s anger was kindled against them.

We show God that we don’t trust Him and we aren’t grateful for His gifts when we complain. I am REALLY guilty of this sin and am making a concerted effort to concentrate on all God has given me and the many times He has provided for me. I am trying to literally thank Him for EVERYTHING, from the coffee to my air conditioner, to my working car…everything.

What I’m discovering is that when I do that, there’s no time to complain, and no room to wish for what I think I should have and how I think He should meet my needs.

This Pope is truly a great man and the Holy Spirit has given us a great shepherd. The things he preaches are simple and true, and need to be said!

I am purposely trying to look for comfort. I have a feeling those things will not be reported in the mainstream media. Thank you.

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