Complete ECF?


Listening to a debate and the Protestant had a good point regarding the Catholic using Jurgen’s ECF’s, as they only use select quotes and not the complete works or something to that effect.

Are there any complete ECF’s source I can get my hands on? Do they even exist?


You’re kidding right?
Catholic First Information Center, Church Fathers Index

Early Christian Writings: New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, Church Fathers



Was I kidding:shrug: ? No. Am I thankful for your links? Yes:thumbsup:

I have Jurgens vol. 1 and after hearing Dr. White (Yes HIM!!!) state it was a book 'o quotes I checked and it kind of was. There were some instances where it would skip some verses. I don’t recall Tim Staples responding to this allegation so I asked the question here.

If the need arised to defend the Church’s traditions by using the ECF’s, as well as stop some from claiming the ECF’s were more Protestant than Catholic, then I would feel a whole lot more confident with a more complete collection.

Thanks and God Bless.


White does have a small point though. Were their some early Christians who strayed from one or two points of Church teaching? Yes. However, when you look at the grand scheme of thing, most early Christians were 100% Catholic.

It would take a Frankenstein-esque creation of some beliefs of some Church Fathers to create an early Protestant.:thumbsup:




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