Completed the Novena to St. Jude

Hi everyone! I completed the novena to St. Jude in hopes of my ex boyfriend returning to me a week or so ago, but as of right now, my prayers were not answered (at least not visibly to me). I didn’t realize until tonight you’re supposed to post about your results even if you DIDN’T get what you prayed for, so here I am. I continue to pray to St. Jude to help me with my intention and hope that it will be answered in my favor.

God knows what you need and what is good for you. You are praying for what you want. Paraphrasing Jesus"what father would give a son a snake if he asked for an egg" or the country song " thank God for unanswered prayers" . Keep praying that God’s will be done. Most of my life, and I’m 64, when things didn’t turn out as I prayed for, something better came along.

The thing is, our prayers are always answered - just not always in the way we want them to be. And sometimes God’s answer is “no”.

We should not just ask for the things we want, but for God’s will to be done. Short term, we may not always the see the wisdom God’s will, but in the long term, it’s always right for us.

You have so much faith Denise! You are obedient to the Lord. I hope the Lord will grant you your desire, if this is a righteous and loving man.

I’ve gotten so many “no’s” from God, and till this day I can’t understand why. And I’m 61. However, the Lord granted me, after 30 years of trying, a return to my beloved city. My return lasted only seven years, but those are a seven years for which I will be eternally grateful, even if I must remember them in tears.

So once in a while, God gives you a break. I hope you get one soon.

P.S. I love New York!:smiley:

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