Completing my journey to Traditionalism

I was wondering if anyone might suggest books or missals or anything I might begin to read, prior to worshipping at my first Traditional Latin Mass. I would like to be well versed before Sunday comes.

Any suggestions? Also, if you could tell me where I can buy or order any worship aids that you suggest?

I am grateful to you in Jesus’ Sacred Heart,


Don’t take this the wrong way, but The Mass Explained to Children is excellent and takes you down to the nuts and bolts of the mass.

These are all articles from the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales, which are extremely good.

They can be found at the bottom of their homepage under the sub-title “Introductions to the Latin Mass”:


P.S: I may also suggest you watch some of the videos of the Old Mass floating around on the Internet.


tan books!!! :thumbsup:


i, too, am a closet traditional catholic. i can’t get to a TLM because there are none nearby. so, i am extremely jealous of your opportunity.

as far as “being well-versed”, what are you looking for? are you wanting to be familiar with the liturgy itself, or are you looking more for a history, theology, and dissection of the TLM?

if you are looking for something to see that will give you some familiarity with the liturgy itself, then i’d recommend looking up the thread on this forum about TLM videos…

THANK YOU ALL WHO HAVE RESPONDED! I look forward to mining your suggestions.

Dear Windmill,

“A closet Traditional Catholic!!”:rotfl: Very funny! I guess you just “outed” yourself!!! :slight_smile:

Actually, and excuse my ignorance of the correct vocabulary, I am looking for the missal (?), I guess. I’d like to be able to follow along, in the Latin as well as with the English, but I would like to own my own copy so that I can “read ahead.”

One poster had provided me with a website that lists all the Traditional Masses in the Diocese of the United States, and it also seemed that there was nothing close by to me. But while at work today, I was bored, I took out the phone book and found a Catholic Church that listed itself as a Traditional Catholic Parish–and it was not on the website. I will call them tomorrow. If they are not TLM, I will make the trek this Sunday.

Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face, windmill!


i’m in the same process you are in. here is what has been helpful for me.

first, watch a tridentine mass:
Missa Cantata

Follow along with the ordinary
and propers

Then, if you are wanting to get a missal, there are two ways to go about it. If you want a fully functional missal that will give you all the gregorian parts of mass, get the Baronius Missal. If you are like me and still want to learn about all the parts with a cheaper missal, get the St. Joseph’s Daily Missal (1953) and learn about why everything happens as it does. If you want to move on to the Baronius missal, you always can later. But the SJM provides a cheaper way to ease into the TLM.

There ya go.

When I was looking for info on Latin Mass missals, someone pointed me here and I found the site very helpful. It’s in the UK so it might be more convenient to order from somewhere else. Click on the red boxes for pictures and descriptions. I ended up choosing the Roman Catholic Daily Missal. It is published by Angelus Press which is associated with SSPX.

Thanks Cranch,

I had already ordered the Baronius Missal that windmill recommended before reading your post this morning. I am very grateful to you and all who responded, and I’ve enjoyed surfing Tan Books which Marilena recommended.

Thanks all–I’m really looking forward to Sunday!!

That is a great book independently of NO or TLM. I just love it. I always suggest it to all the parents of the kids in the Sunday classes and to anyone that has to teach catechism to the children.:thumbsup:

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