Complicit Clergy Launches Interactive Map to Track Attacks on Catholics in North America

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I moved to months ago, but my previous parish was St. Stephen’s in Chattanooga. A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was beheaded there.

God please help our world. ONLY YOU can save us from this senselessness!

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While some are certainly genuine, others are just random attacks which clearly aren’t targeted against the faith and others still are the work of people who are obviously mentally ill. It seems to me that Complicit Clergy are trying to make this out to be much more than it is, presumably in an effort to demonstrate the wickedness of the world. The problem with this is, wicked or not, we’re called to be in the world (even if not of it). If anything we shouldn’t be surprised that the world hates us (can’t say we weren’t warned) but we’re still called to love the people in it all the same.


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