Composing Prayers for the Rosary


Hello everyone,

I am making a devotional book for myself. Mostly its my favorite prayers set along side cut outs of classic Catholic art (which I’ve snipped out from new age books like “Discovering Angels” and “The Virgin in Art”).

Anyways, since I know all the Rosary prayers so well by heart, I’ve decided to decorate that section with a prayer for each set of mysteries along side an appropriate image.

I composed this for the Joyful Mysteries, let me know what you think if you’d like:

The Joyful Mysteries

*O God, your holy Son, the Word of Life, in the fullness of time, came to dwell among men to bear to them the light of Your countenance. Taking the flesh of a Virgin, he made your eternal and invisible glory near and tangible to us, though hidden from all vanities in the humble and helpless form of a child. Hear our prayers to You through the Blessed Mother of Christ, whose womb You sanctified in giving all of us this gift of salvation.
O Blessed Virgin, may the mysteries recalled here of Your Son’s holy youth help us to experience your heavenly and maternal joy . Open to us the treasures of your heart and let us find there the flow of divine grace which the Father bestowed upon you through the Holy Spirit.

Through Christ our Lord,

Amen. *


I think that’s a beautiful idea and a beautiful prayer. You are giving me inspiration :).

Thanks. Take Care and God Bless



Beautiful prayer, Jordan! Thanks for the wonderful idea too! May God bless you. :slight_smile:



Here two more mysteries:

The Luminous Mysteries

  • O God, your holy Son, the Light of the world, in his earthly ministry among us, revealed himself as the Second Moses and the true Davidic King come to fulfill and renew your holy Covenant. By his life among us he drew the human spirit into the mysteries of your salvation. Among his Apostles and disciples, he signified the arrival of the Kingdom of God in his works of mercy and charity. Hear our prayers through the Blessed Mother of Christ, whom you filled with the light of your Holy Spirit and made to be the Mother of all.
    O Blessed Virgin, may the mysteries recalled here of your Son’s earthly ministry illumine us in heart and mind. Entrust, O dear Mother, our needs to Christ and guide us to his consoling face so that our journey here is given every fortitude.

Amen. *

The Sorrowful Mysteries

  • O God, your holy Son, in his suffering and death, bore the sorrows of a sinful and wayward race. Scornfully crowned with the spite of human disobedience and pride, and abandoned to an agonizing loneliness by so many who loved him, he purchased your holy Church at the price of his blood and flesh and opened the way of suffering to the hope of your salvation. Hear our prayers through the Blessed Mother of Christ, whose heart you pierced in union with his sacrifice and who clung so close, in tears and mourning, to the Cross of her redemption.
    O Blessed Mother, may the mysteries recalled here of your Son’s suffering and death bring us, with you, to the foot of Calvary where we may revere and adore this Most Holy Sacrifice. Stir us to repentance as we wonder at the Divine mercy and prepare us to suffer, in whatever way small or great, in union with the Lamb of God. *



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