Compromise vs. Dogma


I saw a few posts in a thread that seems to have just gotten banned (I don’t know the reason, have a suspicion, but it’s irrelevant now), and they were saying that dogmas could and should be determined by a certain level of compromise. That is one erroneous understanding of dogma and therefore I wanted to make this assertion. I would think most people agree, so I might not get any answers - no problem.

I’ve seen some comments here trying to put together “compromise” and “dogma”. That is really dangerous, because they simply cannot go together.

Although it seems the person is trying to defend the Church against dissents, which is a good thing, I think the wrong argument is being used.

Dogma is not synonym of democratic law, it just means outspoken infallible Truth. And the Truth is Absolute, in fact it is God Himself. The Truth cannot “be established by compromise” simply because it cannot “be established”. The Truth has been established by God and it is immutable.
The Church can only “discover the Truth” by the power of the Holy Spirit through the authority given by Jesus to the successors of St. Peter and the apostles.
Human laws may be decided by majority vote and compromise. But the Truth is God’s Law. It is not for us to determine it, but only learn it, so there’s no such thing as compromising in reaching a dogma.

I’ll make an analogy with science to clarify this. Scientists do not make up the truth, they can only try to understand the existing truth, previously created by God.
When scientists said that water was made out of 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen molecules, it was not a matter of compromise. It is what it is!
It wasn’t that 1 group said “oh I think it should have 1 hydrogen”, the other said “I think it should have 3”, oh so let’s make it 2.
No, it has 2 because God chose it like that.
All we can do as humans, as scientists, or as the Church (each with its own authority and “area of expertise”) is discover it and tell others.


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