Compulsory LGBT curriculum pushes ‘political agenda’ on schoolkids, California parents charge

Alameda County, Calif., May 24, 2009 / 05:58 pm (CNA).- A California school district decision to mandate a new curriculum requiring children as young as five years old to be taught about homosexual and transgender communities has prompted significant protest from parents who charged that a “political agenda” is pressing age-inappropriate material upon their children.

The Unified School District in Alameda has proposed a curriculum with the stated intention of addressing bullying, respect and acceptance. The curriculum includes a 45-minute Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) lesson once a year from kindergarten through fifth grade. The kindergarten lesson will focus on the harm of teasing while the fifth graders will study sexual orientation stereotypes, Fox News reports.

Second grade course material includes a children’s book about homosexual penguins trying to create a family. The book is titled “And Tango Makes Three.”

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“And Tango Makes Three” is a very contraversial book. It’s the story of a real penguin couple - both males - who attempted to hatch an egg by laying a rock. Zookeepers realized they were both males and gave the couple a real egg, which hatched, and they took care of the baby. Yes, it is a real incident that happened in a zoo, and the fact that this gay group is using it to justify homosexual tendencies and activities is ludicrious.

Force and State force at that.

“Controversial” is a reality neutral word. Everyone should use words that convey what’s right and what’s wrong.


Solution: Homeschool!

I really don’t see a problem. This actually happened. It’s a cute story. I realize it has broader implications in terms of the message, but most kids aren’t going to get that, and I don’t think the idea that families come in different types is that offensive to tell kids in this way. It is an appropriate and nonoffensive way of preaching acceptance, and it I don’t think it raises too many questions about human sexuality. It’s not about sexuality, it’s about acceptance of loving families. You may disapprove of such families, but your child needs to learn to accept and respect other types of families (not just gay-parented families, but divorced etc.), even if he or she disagrees with them. I have a problem with some ways such topics have been introduced to very young kids, but this book seems harmless and cute.

Well, not exactly. My children need to learn to love everyone, but they don’t need to accept and respect every situation in life. There are some things that are sinful and contrary to nature. I teach my children to still love those who are engaged in such activity, but that the activity is wrong.

Oh come on now! What is the point of it then?

Ought we be teaching" acceptance" if that goes against the "values"taught at home? Why not books with a message teaching acceptance of views that are are not generally accepted by society. such as polygamy?

My wife is a public school elementary teacher, and I know it’s just a matter of time until my state tries to shove this down their throats. Fortunately, the principle is a devout southern Baptist, but if it came down to it, I know my wife would either defy the order and compel them to try and get past the union to fire her, or simply resign.

The situation in Alameda is just a foretaste of the kind of workplace persecution that is being hatched today.

The state “preaching”? A state religion is being forcefully created, not just a political agenda. That is unconstitutional!

Well, if the homosexuals are using animal behavior to justify their particular perversion, what are they going to do about the behavior of female rabbits who eat their own young when stressed? Does that mean the state should allow homosexuals to adopt children so they can eat them? (Since we’re leaning on animal behavior, after all.)

I say again: the inmates are running the asylum.

I understand your point. However, we’re talking about kids here. They didn’t chose their parents. If their parents are gay, divorced, whatever, it’s not their fault and they shouldn’t be teased or bullied because of it. Teaching that we need to accept these kids regardless of what kind of family unit they come from seems the right way to go IMO. And while we might not agree with the decisions folks make, we need to respect their right to live as they chose. No one is asking you to be friends with these folks, just agree to let their kids attend school and be treated like other kids. And these kids love their parents. What kid wants to hear his parent badmouthed? And as for love and acceptance, if we only loved the folks who agreed with us and who lived their lives as we thought they should, where exactly is the charity in that? I love a lot of folks that I don’t agree with. I accept them as they are and they do the same with me. You might pray for them to change, but do you stop loving them until they do?

It is not for the school system to decide and teach about the LGBT lifestyle. It is for parents to do so when they feel it’s appropriate. I think the school system has got to focus on teaching math, science and english FIRST before pushing this curriculum. I think bullying and teasing should be addressed in general and not the ‘acceptance’ of the lifestyle.

No, kids shouldn’t be teased and bullied, but the remedy for that is not to accept any sinful/immoral relationship. This is a separate issue. Kids have to be taught to treat their fellow students with love, even though their parents are in a sinful/immoral relationship. They don’t have to accept the parent’s relationship in order to treat the kids in a loving manner.

I think a lot of people make the mistake of equating love and acceptance. They are not the same thing!

Kids shouldn’t be teased period. What this curriculum is doing and what I suspect the govt and the GLBT community is trying to do is make those of us who actually follow our moral and religious views be the out cast. Why are they attacking our kids and telling us parents to butt out? They are going way too far with this. The GLBT and the school district are telling us that we need to teach tolerance by being bullies to those who don’t agree.:shrug:

If homosexuals and their pals, the liberals, really cared about children the way they claim to, they wouldn’t want to subject children to possible bullying because of lifestyle choices the children had nothing to do with, and they would forego trying to adopt them or have them in other non-natural ways, such as IVF.

After all, isn’t the usual liberal bleat that “It’s all about the children”?

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