Computer games: what are you guys playing?

My roommate is a big ME fan. He’s also a big subscribor to the theory that they have foreshadowed in the game that the ending isn’t the true ending.

I had a roommate last year that played Demon Souls a lot. Looked like a really tough game. It was funny watching him fight tough bosses (or those enemies that glow red and are just as tough) and die over and over. I’m such a good friend like that :D.

As for myself, I’m playing Dragon Quest VIII and just finished Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Still wish they’d make a tactics game more in the style, gameplay and storywise, of the original FFT. After DQVIII I’m thinking of purchasing Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I’m anxious to experience the motion controls in that one.

The shooter classics: Doom and Quake. The universal binaries became available and now I can play them on OSX Lion. These games have demonic images and violence so I really don’t know if it’s okay to play them, however, I am not particularly prudish. I also play Fifa 12 like there’s no tomorrow, and I occasionally sit down for a marathon session of Civilization 4 (I like the gameplay more than 5).:thumbsup:

Mass Effect 3 made me cry…a few times.
I feel like the ending basically made all my choices meaningless. For those who are curious, I chose red, my character was a pure Paragon.

Dark Souls :manvspc: “YOU DIED!”

I can’t wait for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die! edition on PC! I think I’ll do it like James Heaney from GameFront and keep a death tally. I expect it will be in the 1000s.

Right now I’m playing Baldur’s Gate (part of the Dungeons and Dragons Anthology Master Collection) and I love the writing, but WTF is with the combat system?! Why do I have to go through a separate menu to cast spells?! Why?! Hey, CHARNAME! You’re a Mage/Cleric! Stop swinging your Staff of Lameness and start unleashing fiery death on your enemies! Hello?! I’m clicking the mouse here!

Just finished Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and am now working on finishing the first Mass Effect. Fighting the last boss and he’s been killing me. It’s been a couple years since I last played it so I don’t remember how to use all of my party’s abilities and whatnot. Also working on Uncharted 3.

I know what you mean, that last boss was a pain in the butt. This is what I did: I kept moving around the perimeter of the area, stopped to get off a few good shots, then kept moving to let the gun “recharge”, rinse and repeat, use medi-gel when necessary. The most important thing to do is keep moving and be aware of where the boss is at all times in relation to your squad. It took me a few tries, but I don’t think I lost a single sqaudmate in the end.

All and any good multiplayer games.

EvE, Heroes of Newerth, Dota, ME3 multiplayer ( can be a geth now SQEEEEE) Star Craft 2, Minecraft…

You should have the idea by now…

I hate computers and no one can count for good random human error making the funniest and craziest plays.

Long Live Multiplayer!

I am currently playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Probably one of the greatest games ever made.

One of the greatest games ever made, that’s for sure. It also carries on the infamous bug level Bethedsda is famous for. Some what inevitable I suppose when dealing with such large virtual worlds. If anyone has Kiniect on an Xbox it’s worth knowing that you will soon be able to use this with Skyrim, including using all the dragon shouts and ordering followers about amongst other things.

Eh I just think they got lazy or went stupid and tried to be ‘deep’. I found a pic of all three games endings. ME 1 lead writer was Drew Karpyshyn. ME 2 lead writers were Drew Karpyshyn and Mac Walters. ME 3 lead writer was Mac Walters. Considering Karpyshyn left Bioware shortly after ME3’s release a few people think he left due to being cut out of the writing process.

When I had my old custom built PC I was playing Halo, CounterStrike Source and Hitman which I think has some Catholic themes in it ?

I have to admit that I found Dark Souls to be a much superior RPG to Skyrim. The level of challenge and reward it offers is something that you don’t get anymore in modern games. Plus the game is HUGE. You know you’re playing something special when you are anxious about entering the next room in fear of death.

Yeah, but that’s the way DnD rolls (mind the pun). :smiley: You’ll get used to it soon enough. Wait until you play BG2. Best RPG ever!

For me it would be Homeworld 2, Navyfield and Medieval Total War. I’m more of a RTS gamer myself but I do play other games.

I am a big fan of the Spiderweb games. These are all shareware, so you can download a demo and see if it is your cup of tea before committing to buying (I have purchased all of the Avernum series and all of the Geneforge series). I haven’t yet tried Avadon.

Spiderweb Software Games

I should say I’ve got the Avernum first trilogy (which is older–the first Avernum game has been remade to the new engine but I’m not getting it as the older game still plays fine for me) and the Avernum second trilogy. I’ve tried Nethergate, but in an older format. I haven’t tried the new one.

I just finished Avernum 4 and am in the process of Avernum 5. Kind of fun, but it gets a little tedious after awhile and I have to put it away for some time until I get back in the mood. Still, I’d have to say it keeps my interest more than all these newer games with the stunning graphics.

Just finished Torchlight, only game I’ve completed in months. I think it’s the best point-and-click action RPG I’ve ever played. Now I’m very much looking forward to Torchlight II. Although I’ve already long since finished them, every now and then I like to replay older games from my collection like Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded, Far Cry 2, Freelancer, and a few others.

Rome Total War with fan made modifications that make the game more historically accurate.

Finally finished the first Mass Effect the other night so I moved on to Mass Effect 2.

I’ve been playing the Diablo 3 beta.

Have I talked about how I’ve been waiting six years for Guild Wars 2? I put 900+ hours in a calender year into GW 1.

I folded and bought Diablo 3. Look for the Demon Hunter Kephas Isidore.

I’m trying to play the Diablo III open beta, but I keep getting an ‘Unable to connect to service error’. :frowning: This is pretty much what I’m afraid will happen for the single-player portion of the game once it is released, which is why I likely won’t buy it.

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