Computer Hacker Charged

I heard a story on the news this morning of a computer hacker charged with taking down and hacking into atheist webstes and anti god sites.

Im trying to find a written link since its minor story and will update the thread if i find it, but still brings up a moral question. Is it wrong to hack someones website and take down a site devoted to hate of god, jesus or anti church.

Im on the side of the hacker, why should people attack our faith and post things freely and we do nothing?


That is called religious hacking…

The Golden Rule springs to mind: treat others as you would have them treat you.

Malicious hacking of websites is a form of destructive vandalism. Its wrong no matter who does it. Plus the Church teaches that immoral means can not be used to achieve a desired end.

now im just conflicted, because wasn’t the crusades about defending the faith by violence?

Last time I checked, there is no moral equivalency between Just War and hacking.

I think it would be hard to sum up the entirety of the crusades in one sentence.

It’s even more ubsurd to compare a religious war to someone vandalizing personal property.

St. Francis preached to the Muslims and started a dialog for peace during the crusades. I think he had the right idea. We can’t silence the opposition to our beliefs. We have to win by love and understanding. Attacking a website does nothing but make us look ignorant and insecure.

A corporal work of mercy is to instruct the ignorant. Let’s do more of that.


We need a link to a news article or this thread will be closed.

The Crusades, and all Just Wars, involve a declaration of war by the ruling authorities. The hacking of websites is an action engaged in by self-appointed vigilantes.

Perhaps the thread can be moved to Moral Theology. I think it would fit well there.

im working, i tried to find it on my phone with no luck so i guess you can close the topic, if i find the link i always post again.

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