Computer hard drive sold on eBay 'had details of top secret U.S. missile defence system'

Daily Mail:

Computer hard drive sold on eBay 'had details of top secret U.S. missile defence system’

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:08 AM on 07th May 2009

Highly sensitive details of a US military missile air defence system were found on a second-hand hard drive bought on eBay.
The test launch procedures were found on a hard disk for the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defence) ground to air missile defence system, used to shoot down Scud missiles in Iraq.

The disk also contained security policies, blueprints of facilities and personal information on employees including social security numbers, belonging to technology company Lockheed Martin - who designed and built the system.
British researchers found the data while studying more than 300 hard disks bought at computer auctions, computer fairs and eBay.

How the [deleted] does a Pentagon hard drive wind up on eBay? Maybe instead of chasing after teabag protesters they should check on their own procedures.

At least it was the Brits who bought it and not North Korea or Iran.

I am quite surprised that any used computer would make it out of the Pentagon. I really thought security was better than that.

It wasn’t a Pentagon hard drive. It belonged to the defense contractor Lockheed Martin.

And the article gives no idea as to when the hard drive was purchased or from whom. At least one other hard drive mentioned in the study was purchased in 2006, so the problem could date back years.

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