computer use...moral sin

i have a feeling god is telling me its wrong to do it as much as i do
but i do it anyway
does this count as a moral sin?

i’m on the internet A LOT. sometimse i have a push to pray and i don’t because i’m on the internet
or a really strong urge to stop viewing something but i push it away adn contintue anyway.

how wrong is this. is it a moral sin

It’s addiction just like anything else can be. I suppose whether it’s venial or mortal both depends on the severity of how this overuse is affecting your life and the subject matter of what you’re viewing. By the way I sometimes say a prayer while using the computer, usually a result of the requests for prayers on this forum.

Inordinately high or low consumption of anything, whether it be food, pleasures, or the unnecessary spending of time on frivolous things is sinful to varying degrees.

If you spending an inordinate amount of time on the computer every day, yes, it can be a sin. You are wasting your time when you could spend it elsewhere to greater value. I wouldn’t say it is mortal unless your over-consumption is extreme, but it is definitely a vice to be conquered and you shouldn’t wait until it gets to mortal proportions before you try to defeat it.

If you are talking about viewing porn on the internet, then yes it is a mortal sin.

no i’m not talking about that …it’s mainly funny stuff and religious stuff

but if feels wrong, yet i do it.

isn’t a moral sin doing something you know is wrong.

It sounds like you may be scrupulous. Sin is not based in feelings. That is, to my understanding, a classic sign of scrupulosity. Having struggled a bit with it myself, I found a lot of my fears of sinning was based in feeling and fear as opposed to actual doctrine. Maybe you should talk with a priest who knows something about the subject of scrupulosity, or at least a priest you can speak with.

Inordinately consuming things can be sinful, yes, but basing fears of mortal sin in your feelings isn’t a great idea.

I know quite a few people that absolutely refuse to have a computer in their homes. They claim Satan will use this as a way to enter this world. I have heard similar claims before but do not know how true they are.

There are good sites and bad sites on the internet, I think everyone knows this, but the real question is…Does God think use of the internet is acceptable or not? I dont know the answer to this, but I do seem to remember hearing a verse about the time period when people have the world at their finger tips, which I took as meaning the internet and all the knowledge of the world is just a click away.

Aside from that, I do know for a fact one of the signs believers are told to watch for is increased amounts of knowledge and information and I think the internet surely fits this to a T, so maybe none of us should be using it…??

It could simply be that you are an introvert. the internet has been a great blessing for introverts. Finally we can control the level of social interaction we have.

There is nothing wrong with spending hours on the internet unless you’re spending it on the wrong sites. The only problem becomes when it interferes with something or someone else. Do you do it at work? That is stealing from your employer. So viewing the internet is not wrong, but stealing is. Do you do it when you should be cleaning the garage? Maybe you need to take a break and clean the garage.

So gauge your use against what you might better or should better be doing, then gauge your sin against that. If you are using the internet instead of watching TV or listening to music or other leisure activity, there is not a problem, but if you are shirking other responsibilities, it is becoming an addiction and you need to curtail it or seek help.

Fortunately we have reconciliation so if you have been sinning, God will forgive you.

three elements of a sin are required for it to become a mortal sin:
*]it has to be a gravely sinful matter
*]we have to know it is a gravely sinful matter
*]we have to consent to do it anyway

in this case, I question whether or not it is a gravely sinful matter. As others have suggested, any addiction can be dangerous, particularly if it means taking time away from responsibilities to yourself or others. On the other hand, spending time on religious sites may facilitate bringing you into a deeper relationship with God and you can never spend too much time at that. I suggest deciding before you sit down, exactly how much time you can afford to spend on the computer at that time and then set an alarm to limit you to that amount. Then obey the alarm! Peace and Blessings, Deacon Paul

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