Computer virises and morality

I am not sure where to put this, so here it goes.

Their is a new virus/trojan horse and I get like 50 emails a day trying to get me to take it, click on it.

All of the e mails are suggestive immoral, and I have no idea of how or why they keep coming, I can’t even quote one they are so bad.

How can I keep from getting this stuff? I have spam filters but they don’t even catch half the mails.

If you’re getting a bunch of spam mail, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a virus. It means that you have an email account with a poor spam blocker or you are sending out your email address to too many disreputable sites that use it to spam you.

You can end the problem by simply either changing the options of your email account to be more restrictive in who you receive emails from or get a new email account.Gmail and Thunderbird are very good, hotmail and yahoo are pretty poor at containing spam mail.

If you still believe it’s a virus then download and run these free virus scanners to rid yourself of the problem.

Malwarebytes (very good, one I use and recommend)

Microsoft Security Essentials (never used, but it’s very good aswell and I recommend it too)

Hope your problem is solved. :thumbsup:

And if your email account is provided by your internet service provider, notify them. They might be able to take action.

Which email provider do you use? I had the same problems with Hotmail, so I switched to Gmail.

I use AOL mail, came with the computer.


Dump it and get Gmail or Thunderbird email account.

I figured you had a hotmail or yahoo account, but not something like AOL that’s like having a Lycos email account. AOL is a pure dinosaur, no wonder you’re getting loads of spam mail, I don’t even know if AOL has a spam filter…(do they even have support for AOL anymore??)

I’ll echo this. Anytime I help someone with a computer problem, malwarebytes is the FIRST thing I put onto their computer. It’s very good for removing malware.

I also use Microsoft Security Essentials mostly because it’s free.

As far as the email thing goes, I’d chat with your internet service provider if you can. Next would be to use something like thunderbird.

And be careful on the world wide web where you leave your email address. Also mask it in some way with spaces and text. Example: monkey at yahoo dot com OR

Good luck

Immoral or not, just delete them. Otherwise you may have to change your email address.

If your address is available on a blog or site somewhere, spammers will harvest it and you will get such emails. I receive about 200 email per day and 90% are SPAM. I have bank accounts in all the banks, I have cell phone accounts with AT&T and Verizon even though I don’t live in the US and I know hundreds of widows of deposed dictators wanting to send me billions if I only pay them a small ‘clearance’ fee. :slight_smile:

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