Conan OBrien to "marry" a gay couple on his show

Saw a preview earlier tonight in which Conon officiates at a gay wedding- the clip they show shows the couple about to kiss at the conclusion of the the ceremony. As a catholic, Conon will be causing grave scandal if in fact this is an actual wedding ceremony and not a comedy sketch. Man, what is this world coming to??!!

I pray it is just a comedy sketch because if Conan is turning into Ellen DeGeneres than I’ll have lost all respect for him u_u

Even if it is a comedy sketch it is disgustingly offensive. No comedy in mocking a sacrament. Anyway, you will be troubled to find the following from his Wikipedia:

[quote=Wikipedia]On October 21, 2011, O’Brien was ordained as a minister by the Universal Life Church, allowing him to perform a same-sex marriage while back in New York (where gay marriage is legal) to tape a week’s worth of shows. The wedding, between a member of O’Brien’s staff and his partner, was held on the stage of the Beacon Theatre on November 3, 2011, and broadcast on Conan.[106]

Here is the article which has a video of him actually ‘marrying’ the couple.

Well it looked like a real ceremony to me…it was actually quite tasteful too…I think the emotions and authenticity of the men exchanging the views is beyond reproach and to do it in such a way to “let the world know” kind of touches the “romantic in all of us” I was touched by the ceremony. And the media…well that is a 21st century reality.

My thoughts as a Catholic are first and foremost to respect the decision of the two men who actually work for the Conan O’Brien show…it shows a bit of a family atmosphere of the show…as a Catholic to honour and acknowledge the love between the two men and as a Catholic to understand that this is a state wedding…

Now here’s my question…I am not sure why the church would be concerned about “state” weddings"…I guess because in Canada we have national legislation that allows for same sex marriage. The law does not require church’s to do same sex marriage, so it seems like a good balance to me.

I do not understand canon law that would be concerned about state marriage as faith communties are not required to accept the legitimacy of the marriage…so the transference from state to church wedding and how the church connects the two is marriage law and/or canon law that I don’t understand…can someone get me up to speed on that aspect of this wedding?


Bruce Ferguson

Can’t answer your question about marriage but I will comment on O’Brien’s stunt. It is stupid,it will hurt many,among them gay-couples,and I think he should think twice on this on but it is no surprise for me,he is going down and this will make him sink even deeper. I reckon he will loose a few thousand weaver’s with this on. But hey,I don’t mind,I will not even watch his show. Never have and never will,or,yes,I have seen one and that was enough for me. Guess Conan have to confess this one before next communion. I think we all have the right to do what we ever may do but to keep it tasty,that’s another thing. I don’t know him so I can’t dislike him but even if I enjoy a good laugh I don’t like to laugh at other peoples what-ever-they-may-do to be a object for a joke on national TV.

Its already be done. Its a repeat of an episode that aired the beginning of the month and everyone that was involved said it wasn’t a joke, it was real.

I highly doubt he lost many viewers, I wouldn’t be surprised he actually gained a few.

You know, I did not get the sense that it was a stunt…I thought it was quite genuine…the two men worked in the O’Brien show…so it seems normal (bad choice of words I know) to have the marriage at their work place…many people do that…

Bruce Ferguson

Trickster you can’t really support the idea of a union amongst two men can you? Whether its a state wedding, church wedding, civil union or just cohabitation. If they are homosexual and living together there is a 99% chance they are engaging in sexual immorality. Mortal sin that will condemn them to hell. This is why the Church is adamant about speaking out against sexual immorality (and to be fair, not just for homosexuals but heterosexuals as well). There isn’t any way portraying sin can be “tasteful” as you claim. Are you Catholic? Might I suggest being catechized? It would help if you learned what your faith was about before you speak contradictions against it. But understand the reasoning for the Church’s strong and unchanging stance against homosexual unions. For starters it is because marriage is a Holy Sacrament and same sex unions attacks this at a foundational level. But the bigger reason is because we love our homosexual brothers and sisters and don’t want any of them to go to hell (please also keep in mind that sin is a human condition and it effects aaaall of us so I’m not trying to paint homosexual men and women as being any different from any of us).

Well guys in Japan marry life sized pillow cases of their favourite female animation characters so…

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