Concelebration in a Religious Community

When the monk-priests con-celebrate at community Masses, how are the con-celebrants to be vested? I know that the Presider must wear a chasuble, stole, and alb, but is it proper for the con-celebrants to wear the monastic habit, an alb, and stole?

While concelebrants may wear only alb and stole (ie, omit the chasuble), it is not ideal, and is really only done if there is not enough chasubles. (See GIRM 337 & 209)

The celebrant is to vest as follows, and concelebrants if possible:

[Cassock or habit], alb, stole, [maniple], chasuble, [biretta]

Ideally, all concelebrants would be fully vested. I would imagine that most monastic communities they would have enough chasubles for all of the priests though.

It also depends on the community, Some religious communities do not concelebrate at the conventual Mass.

Small detail yes, but just an fyi, the maniple goes before the stole, and amice before the alb. My mistake.

Here’s my list, corrected:
Cassock, habit, or other “street clothes”, [amice], alb, [maniple], stole, chasuble, [biretta]

Br. David also makes a good point about concelebration.

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