Conception of Jesus


I was having a debate with a friend about how Jesus was conceived. In our original conversation he made it sound like God placed Jesus in the Blessed Virgins Womb and she merely carried him. Stop me if I’m wrong but my understanding is that the Holy Spirit fertilized the Blessed Virgin Mary’s egg and Jesus under went the normal birthing process. Are there any tracts (or Church Documents) that address this topic? Thanks


I don’t know any tracts on it, but saying that Mary was simply a surrogate mother to an already formed Jesus embryo is a form of the heresy Nestorianism.

Acting as a surrogate mother is immoral. Mary was sinless. Its pretty simple.



correct to the above. i dont know about any tracts, but we know when elizabeth greets mary as the “mother of my Lord” that mary plays more than just the role of a body. she is the Mother of Christ.

Further, where did Jesus’ complete nature of humanity come from? from mary’s pure untouched fless.

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