Concernd about communion hosts in dumpster

Recently we began (finally!) cleaning out my grandmother’s bedroom (she lived with us the last few years before she passed away last year). I found a box of eucharists. She used to save her host from mass in a kleenex. I always assumed that she took them privately later, but I guess she’d been hiding them in a shoebox this whole time. My uncle threw them in the dumpster where we were disposing of unwanted items (moth eaten clothes, etc.), but I did not know this until after we had thrown out quite a few more things including some mold-damaged books. I seem to remember that you’re not supposed to throw out un-eaten hosts, but I am not sure how important it is. Do I have to go digging through the dumpster and bring them to a priest? I think they’re probably pretty crushed by now.

If they can be retrieved in safety then you might consider that option. Otherwise, say a prayer to He Who was unrecognized, rejected, despised and abandoned in His earthly life.

If you still have the opportunity to save them, do so and bring them to a priest. That is Jesus Christ, God of Existence, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in that dumpster.

PLEASE do everything within your power to get them back!! This is very important…this is Jesus Himself!! :frowning:
If the dumpster has been emptied and they are gone…well if it were me I would make prayers of reparation, and bring it up at my next confession (I mean you didn’t know it happened until after the fact, but Iwould feel very uncomfortable about it so would bring it to confession.)

Edit- re-reading your post, it sounds like the dumpster has not been emptied. Searching through a dumpster is nothing when it comes to protecting the Eucharist. You will greatly console Him if you pull Him from the trash despite the disgust it may cause to you.

Praying you can get them back! If you are able to retrieve them, take them to a priest.

Contact the local Priest. Such is yes a matter of grave importance.

Confession is for matters where you know or at least think you might have sinned in some way, not just things that make you feel bad or sad but are not sinful.

The Tiny Steps of a Child

In a parochial school, children diligently recited their prayers. Sr. Euphrasia was pleased because two months ago, many of the children had received their First Communion, and took it very seriously; from the bottom of their hearts. She smiled as ten year old little Li asked: “Why didn’t the Lord Jesus teach us to say ‘Give us our daily rice?’” It was a very difficult question to answer, since these children ate rice morning, noon and night.

“Well, it’s that ‘bread’ means ‘Eucharist’,” answered Sr. Euphrasia, whose heart radiated much brighter than her theology. “You ask the good Jesus for daily Communion. It’s true that for your body, you need rice. But for your soul, which is worth much more than your body, you need bread. That is the Bread of Life!”

In May 1953, when Li made her First Communion, she had asked Jesus in her heart: “Always give me that daily bread so that my soul can live and be healthy!” Since then, Li had received Holy Communion everyday, but she was aware of the fact that the “bad people” (the Godless Communists) could prevent her from receiving Christ at any time. So she prayed ardently that it would never happen.

She would never forget the day they entered the classroom and screamed at the children: “Right now-give us all of your idols!” Li knew very well what they meant. Terrified, the children gave up their pious, carefully hand-painted images of Jesus, Mary and the Saints. Then, in a fit of anger, the Captain pulled the Crucifix off the wall, threw it down to the ground and trampled it screaming: “The New China will not tolerate these grotesque superstitions!”

Little Li, who loved her picture of the Good Shepherd so much, attempted to conceal it in her blouse. It was the special image given to her for her First Communion. But a loud slap on her cheek sent her crashing to the floor. The Captain called Li’s father and humiliated him before tying him up with a rope.

That same day, the police made a sweep of the village, cramming all the inhabitants they could find into the tiny church. The Captain proceeded to bark out a new kind of “sermon” ridiculing the missionaries and the “agents of American imperialism.” Then, with a thundering voice, he ordered the soldiers to fire at the tabernacle. All together and at once, the congregation drew a long breath and increased the intensity of their prayers.

The Captain turned back to the crowd and screamed: “Let’s see how your Christ can defend Himself - here’s what I think of your ‘Real Presence’ - the Vatican’s trick to exploit all you people!” Saying this, he grabbed the ciborium and threw all the Hosts onto the tile-floor. Stunned, the faithful shrank away from his gaze and choked their cry. Little Li froze in horror.

“Oh, no,” she thought. “Look what happen to the Bread!” Her innocent and righteous little heart bled for the Hosts strewn all over the ground. “Isn’t anyone going to help Jesus?” she wondered in amazement. The Captain continued his tirade of insults, interrupting his blasphemy only to let out spurts of guttural laughter. Li silently wept.

"Now, get out!” yelled the Captain. “And woe to the one who dares to return to this den of superstition! He’ll answer to me!”

The church quickly emptied. But besides the angels always present around Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to adore Him, there stood another witness who had not missed a moment of the drama. It was Father Luke from the Missions Etrangeres (Foreign Missions). One month previously, foreseeing the takeover of the village, the parishioners had hidden him in a small recess of the choir, which gave him a view of the church. He sank into prayers of atonement for the sacrileges committed against Jesus and suffered because he was not able to come to Jesus’ defense: one wrong move on his part, and the parishioners who had hidden him would be arrested for treason.

“Lord, have mercy on Yourself,” he prayed in anguish. “Stop this sacrilege! Lord Jesus!”

Suddenly, a creaking sound broke the heavy silence in the church. Slowly, softly, the door opened. It was little Li! Barely ten years old, there she was, approaching the altar with the tiny steps of a Chinese girl. Father Luke trembled: she could be killed at any moment! Unable to communicate with her, he could only watch and beg all the saints in Heaven to spare this child. The little girl bowed for a moment and adored in silence, just as Sr. Euphrasia had taught her. She stayed with Jesus in adoration for one hour, knowing that she was supposed to prepare her heart before receiving Him. Her hands joined together, she whispered a mysterious prayer to her dear Jesus - mistreated and abandoned. His eyes glued to her, Father Luke stared as she lowered herself down to her hands and knees; and with her tongue, took up one of the Hosts. She remained there on her knees, eyes closed, turned inward face to face with her Heavenly Friend.

Each second seemed an eternity to Father Luke. He feared the worst. If only he could speak to her! But soon the child went out just as quietly as she had come in, almost hopping along.

The purging continued as the volunteer brigade searched the entire village and surrounding area. This type of terror was happening all across “New China.” The peasants didn’t dare to move. Hiding in their bamboo homes, they knew nothing about the future and couldn’t take tomorrow for granted. Yet, every morning our little Li slipped away to find her Living Bread in the church. Reproducing the same scenario from the previous day, each time she adored for one hour and then took up one Host with her tongue and disappeared. Father Luke was chomping at the bit: Why didn’t she take them all? He knew exactly how many there were: thirty-two. “Doesn’t she know she could pick up several of them at once?” he thought.

No, she didn’t know. Sr. Euphrasia had been very clear about that: “One Host per day is enough. And never touch the Host; we receive it on the tongue!” The little girl perfectly conformed to the rules.

One day there remained on the ground only one more Host. At daybreak, the child scurried into the church as usual and drew near to the altar. She knelt to the ground to pray, very close to the Host. Father Luke had to muffle a cry. Suddenly a soldier, standing in the doorway, aimed his gun at her. A single dry pop was heard, followed by a loud burst of laughter. The child immediately collapsed. Father Luke thought she was dead, but no! He watched her struggle and crawl up to the Host, he saw her put her tongue over it. Then, a few convulsions shook her body, before it finally relaxed.

Little Li was dead - but not before she had rescued all the Hosts!

Thanks, everyone. I called the priest who does mass here and he is very concerned. He is insisting on coming over here and going through the dumpster. He has got to be in his 80’s - I’m concerned for his safety!

true story

i live in maryland,if the dumpster has not been emptied by now it won,t be till monday.if i can drive there in two days i’ll come and help find me

Please do allow him.

the above is a true story

Well help him then, if you can.

you’ll need two ladders ,i have experience in this

This is utterly horrifying!! Thank God you felt a concern about this issue, so that it can be corrected!!! Please, get our Savior OUT of the dumpster!!

Thank you for the offer. We are in Southern California, though. I can not climb in the dumpster because I am disabled, but so is the priest (He has a short leg - from polio maybe?). I don’t think a priest should be dumpster diving like some sort of stray cat. Would it be acceptable to incinerate the entire contents of the dumpster. It’s really getting gross in there because we live near a McDonald’s and people have been dumping stuff in there all morning.

I will pray for your efforts! Thank God you have such a wonderful priest!


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talk to the knights of columbus , NOW!

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