Concerned about Lil Wayne music

I’m in need of some help! I recently started getting into Lil Wayne’s music around 6-9 months ago and when I did I began to think it was most mind blowing thing I could listen to. I did not know of his illuminato association. I went to his concert in august. I am a very sensitive person with some very difficult troubling past issues. I was abused a child, neglected. Recevied unwanted attention from adult men. And bullying as a child and teenager I became a seriously depressed teenager and young adult I have been filled with hate rage and depression and have had major thoughts of suicide. I consider myself a very spirtually sensitive person. I am and I say humbly an amateur singer and have used music much of life to cope I am very sensitive to music. I became very sucked in and drawn to Lil wayne. He came across as very mysterious to me and his music affected me in a very cosmic manner. However I began to read disturbing things about him online. Some even claim he’s under the influence of domonic spirits. That he’s getting dominc assistance to make his career and success. His music seems so intoxicating and not in a bad way that I wondered how this could be true. It also says he’s catholic himself so I was confused by this. I’m afraid when I listen to his music that I too will inadvertinly invite dominc activity and any sucess I have with music will be from satan and not God as I truly wish it to be. Nothing is worth my everlasting soul and I mean NOTHING! I was inspired and wrote a truly wonderful song from listening to one of his songs. How I do know if I wrote this song because I’m talented or because it’s from the evil one? How do I know Lil wayne’s music is domonic? I feel bad because I love his music and I feel like I can’t stop listening to it even if I wanted to. I pray for protection before I listen to his music. I need serious help! Can the devil get my soul of I listen to his music and soak it up? I fear for this.

His music promotes nothing but drugs, violence, egotism and sexual promiscuity. Lil Wayne is a perfect symbol of our decaying culture. I cannot even begin to comprehend what you enjoy about his music. Demonic or not, Lil Wayne’s message is evil and spiritually corrosive and I don’t think any Christian should support and/or listen to him. Just being honest.

There are tons of much more talented and morally acceptable hip hop artists out there.

Ummm… So I googled little wayne and came up with a picture of him hanging on a cross as if he was Jesus. I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that you should throw out anything you have relating to him, music included. Pray to St. Michael if you are feeling scared and go to confession…

Hope that helps!

P.S. I’ll say a prayer for you too!

I don’t like what the vast majority of his music promotes. I don’t agree with the messages. There were about five particular songs of his I would listen to. I wasn’t into his way valgur songs. The songs were drop the world, no love, hustler music, eat you alive, sure thing. I was drawn to the psychedelic sounds and melodies rather then the words. However I do realize that words introduces sub-concious messages. I was concerned with the addictive affect the sounds themselves were having on me. It seemed too powerful. Thats what made me think there was demonic influence. In ways my depression has become worse and I’ve frequently felt tired and anxious. It’s difficult but I do believe I will have to stop listening to these songs. I haven’t in two days and I’m proud of myself. I was raised a catholic but had some rather difficult circumstances growing up. I’ve off and on fallen away from the church. I’m planning to speak with a preist about these difficulties. I love my parents but they themselves came from bad circumstances and therefore couldn’t always be a perfect example to me. There’s a history of drugs, depression, sexual molestation and abuse in my family for some generations. I’m trying to pray more often and turn away from these strong temptations.

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