Concerned about personal forum and writing articles

I seriously have no idea where is best to post this, but this seemed to fit the best.

I recently got the urge to start a forum about Christianity. Mostly about living a life centered around Christ and relying completely on God.

So I asked a friend to help me start it, and we discussed some ideas and got it started last week.

Now, I guess I’m not technically Catholic. I was baptized Catholic, but never received the sacraments of confirmation or the Eucharist. I want to go through RCIA though, and I believe that the Catholic Church contains the complete truth.

Here are my concerns about my little venture.

  1. I wanted to write articles. I try to read a lot from the Bible and the Catechism, and I meditate on what I’m reading and learning by writing it out. However, I know that the Catholic Church discourages personal interpretation, and so I don’t want to accidentally vere into speaking heresy. There’d be greater risk since I’ve not been studying Catholic teachings for very long, probably since last October.

  2. My friend who is starting it with me brought up the question about whether it would be wrong to start this anyway since it is not specifically a Catholic forum, so it’d almost be encouraging personal interpretation. To turn it into just a Catholic forum would almost make it just a much lesser version of this site.

I like the idea of starting my own forum because I can pretty much take it in any direction I want. But I am concerned about the above points, and don’t know how to avoid doing something wrong or sinful here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Go ahead and start your own forum. Just be honest about who you are, where you are coming from and that your contributions are where you are at and not intended to be any sort of representation of official catholic teaching. I think it’s great!

And welcome HOME!

For your own edification, lookup the Didache series, “Introduction to Catholicism” published by Midwest Theological Forum. They have the Imprimatur, are rigorously orthdox and offer the amazing combination of being complete, concise and easy to read. How’d they do that!?!

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