Concerned for job


Please remember my family in your prayers. This morning when I got to work my director sat me down to talk to me and issue me another written warning for absenteeism (my 2nd since May):

3 weeks ago my 2yo was jumping on the bed and fell off, splitting his head open and had to have 5 staples. I kept him home Mon-Tues. That Friday I had a staph infection in my finger - even w/ the codone, it was too painful to go to work (I do clerical work).

The following week on Thursday, I stayed home in the morning b/c I thought I was coming down w/ the flu. I felt well enough by the afternoon to go in and finish out the day - turns out it was something I ate.

This last week, my 2yo fell on the steps at the sitter and split his head open again, so I kept him home on Thursday.

As often as I have been able, I try to go in and make up my time (I barely have any PTO as it is), however, these absences still count against me. Trying to stay in the black w/ my PTO b/c if I don’t have enough to cover the holiday, it counts as another occurance, you’re not allowed to simply take a day w/out pay.

I cannot miss even one more day until the end of next July. I can make arrangements for my children if the sitter or they are ill, but if I’m ill, there’s nothing I can do. One more absence and I will have a 3-day unpaid probation period. Once more after that and I’m on 5-day unpaid suspension at which point the director will determine whether my employment will continue or be terminated.

Just sick about it. I have no doubt that either the sitter or the kids will be sick since we are only at the beginning of the cold and flu season. I can’t stand the thought of abdicating my children’s care to someone else when they are ill (when you’re sick you want your mommy). But hopefully we’ll get thru this period and I’ll have more wiggle room in the future.

Ultimately I want to be a SAHM, I just cannot handle the stress of feeling like I am not able to fully care for my children or able to give what I need to at work to get my job done.

Please remember us in your prayers.


Praying very hard for your family and your success at work!


Dear Lord, we ask you not to forget us in these little things. We want to serve you at all times but these little set backs can wear us down. Please Lord in your great humility come down to us for we are very low. In all things we give you thanks. Amen


Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


Still praying very hard for you!


I ask the Lord that He will find you work where more compassion and understanding is offered…or that He will bring more humanity to the way you are treated in this work situation.

Lord please protect the health and well-being of this family


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