Concerned for the state of someone's soul

I’ve been in an online discussion (not on this site) for the past fiew days with an extreme traditionalist. I’m not going to get into this person’s beliefs, which I strongly disagree with, because I’m actually more concerned about the hatred that this person keeps spewing out towards anyone who doesn’t believe the way she does. Even if I had similar beliefs, I think I would still be concerned for her soul as I am now. She says that anyone who doesn’t believe like she does, is on their way to Hell. She has made some antisemitic statements, among many other things. When she called me a fool, I pointed out what Christ said about that in Mat 5:22. I told her that as a brother in Christ, I still loved her, despite her condemnations, but she goes so far as to deny that I’m her brother in Christ. I’d hate for her to have to suffer eternal punishment for her hatred. I’ve prayed for her several times, but is there anything else I can do to reach out to her?

Josh, just pray for her. And don’t worry overly much about it. God can do more with a soul in one minute than man can in a thousand years. And God’s not up there wringing His Divine Hands, saying, “Oh, My! Oh, My! What shall I do?!” He has a plan for each one of us. :slight_smile:

Her salvation is her responsibility, not yours. In the mean time, call her bluff: if she’s right, then she has a huge responsibility to evangelize the world, and messing around with sons of perdition like yourself is just distracting her from her mission. :smiley: Then cut off all contact with her, unless you just want to learn about traditionalism.

No - there isn’t mcuh you can do. Pray and, if you desire and it is not dangerous to your own peace and soul, try to stay in contact with her demonstarting the Christian Love that is eluding her.


I am guessing from the way you are describing it that it is militant sedevacantism. I have run into many of these people on Facebook. It starts off really friendly usually with a good hook on pro-life issues and keeping Mass reverent and treating the Eucharist with respect-which we all agree with b/c we are Catholic and they seem nice so they get friended - and then one day - WHAM!

They are talking about the Pope not being Catholic and priests being homosexuals and other such horrible things. It is very scary.

However it is not our right to condemn anyone’s soul b/c we have to believe that the very things that they condemn will save them. After all the three requirements for mortal sin:

  1. Grave sin- they have it
  2. choice to commit- they choose to commit this sin
  3. knowledge - this is where it gets sketchy - if they truly believe they are right and are speaking the right thing then are they in a state of mortal sin? Or is it when one realizes he/she may be wrong but persists for whatever intention that they then fall into mortal sin.

Just some random thoughts - either way we should pray for all these people and their full Communion back to the Holy Mother Church.

IMO the key thing is to decide to forgive this person for any possible intentional slight, then pray for her.

While continuing to pray for her, it might not be a bad idea to disengage from further debate, just keeping things positive.

My two cents! :slight_smile:

I’ve already forgiven her for her malice towards me, since for the most part, I think that she doesn’t know that what she’s doing is wrong. I finally got her to admit today that she didn’t know the answer to a question I asked her, which I feel is a step in the right direction, since she has had an answer for everything I’ve said up to this point.

Thanks to everyone for your advice.

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