Concerning Indult Tridentine Masses

Is it true that Pope Benedict the XVI approved an Indult for the Tridentine Mass, and I hope that if it is, it will come near to me. Also, does anyone know of any Indult Tridentine Masses within the Pittsburgh Diocese?:confused:

This is what I got off of

Holy Wisdom / St. Boniface

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**Address:**2208 E St., Pittsburgh, PA, 15212, Parish
**Latitude/Longitude:**40.4667358398438 / -79.9995269775391 Help
Web Address:Go to Web Address
Phone:(412) 231-1116
**Weekend:**Saturday: 6:30 PM [English], Sunday: 8:00 AM [Latin] (Low Mass), 9:30 AM - [English], 11:00 AM [Latin] (High Mass)
**Weekday:**Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8 AM - [English]
**Holy Day & Vigil:**7:00 PM - [Latin] (High Mass)
**Adoration:**First Friday: 7 PM-[Latin](Low Mass); First Saturday: 9 AM-[Latin](Low Mass); Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, All Souls Day: 7 PM-[Latin] (High Mass); Thanksgiving Day: 9 AM-[Latin](High Mass)
**Confessions:**Sat: 5:45 to 6:15 p.m.; Sunday 7:30 AM to Sanctus & 10:30 AM to Sanctus;
**Devotions:**Stations of the Cross & Benediction, Fri: 7 PM during Lent; Rosary, before Sunday 11 AM Mass
**Directions: **From I-279, take East Ohio St. exit. Enter East St. from East Ohio St.
**Wheelchair Access:**Yes


you’re such a kidder. :rolleyes:


what you probably heard is that B16 is, possibly, going to issue a motu proprio that lowers restrictions on the Tridentine Mass. JPII allowed the TLM (Traditional Latin Mass) by indult over a decade ago. TLMs are “legal” in approved parishes already. B16 would simply be expanding this effort initiated by JPII. :slight_smile:

You have one of the most magnificent TLM church’s in the world.
Even if you are not of the Trad mind, going to a high Mass there is worth the experience.
That church was once marked for demolition to clear the way for an expressway that ended up going near to it.
It was saved by a Secular Historic Preservation Society and a sympathetic Court Judge. TBTG

Is there a TLM in Pittsburgh? Is there EVER!

We have a guy at my church who never shuts up about the beautiful Tridentine Mass up there. I hear they have High Mass every single Sunday. Lucky them (And you).

(Perhaps someone else will name the church. I have seen pictures, and it is quite large and quite pretty).

I live just far away from there, that I couldn’t find it due to my bad direction/navigation skills. Only my father could probably help me find it. And he rarely goes to mass as it is. :frowning:

Maybe you should try

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