Concerning my job

Hello brothers and sisters,

Just wondering if I committed a sinful act today. It didn’t seem right in my gut so I feel it safe to assume that it was a sin. Probably would be considered dishonest.

I work in the natural gas industry. Most people today are aware of the dangers that natural gas can pose.
Our job today was to go investigate a mainline leak that was reported. Dug it up and found no leak. My partner, who is more senior than I, told me to complete all of the paperwork under certain criteria stating that we in fact made a repair and eliminated the risk.
His reasoning behind this was in the case that I reported negative gas readings and later on gas was detected again, it may have some negative consequences on him and myself. Not a guarantee but a concern of his.

My conscience told me to fill it out honestly anyway. I tried but our computer program that we use wouldn’t let me apply certain codes to that job type.
Long story short I completed it the way he told me.

At the end of the day there was never a leak or any danger. He claimed that we didn’t really lie, we just told the truth using different words more or less.

So my question is whether or not I committed a sin? Is it wrong to ever cut corners or skip steps that your employer says to, assuming they don’t endanger others?

God Bless and sorry for the run on post,


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