Concerning Possible Career Choice

Hello everyone,I wrote this post to ask about becoming a physical therapist assistant. I’m interested in becoming one, but my only concern are my hands. I suffer with arthritis, and I just wanted to ask you guys and ladies if it would be such a good idea.

It depends pn how bad the arthritis is and how progressive. I’m having physical therapy on my leg and the therapists really dig in. On the flip side, the exercise could help your hands.

Good luck and God bless whatever you do.

I’m in the last year of my DPT.

Most PTAs do not do a lot of manual therapies. If you are in an outpatient setting its more likely. In an acute, rehab, home health, or SNF it’s not as likely you’ll be doing a lot of manual techniques. I myself will be using more manipulations, graston, and dry needling instead of long and tedious forms of manual therapies in part to save my hands. Most therapist who have been through manual therapy fellowships or residencies that I know are the same.

There are definitely ways to be a good PTA without taxing your hands too much. You could also consider occupational therapy asiastant if you are worried about aspects of manual techniques. If you have any more questions feel free to ask me!

Thanks for the help. I’ll hit you up if something comes up.

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