Concerning Saint Faustina


Well, here it is, 5 October. I cannot say I am strictly observing the Sabbath, since I am doing several loads of laundry, and getting ready to thoroughly scrub and clean a couple of the cats’ litter boxes.

One wonders if Mary had to wash Jesus’s diapers on the Sabbath? I know he was a holy baby and all that, but…

It was interesting to stop by the USCCB website and find out that the only saint named for today was a bunch of martyrs back in Roman times. I guess Faustina is too new a saint for all the “Saints Of The Day” to be currently updated.

But right now I am sitting at my computer. Silver is on his side, between me and the computer monitor. Eyes closed and body relaxed.:sleep: Fluffy is on my lap, with her head rucked into my left armpit. Serenity.:heaven:


notice the cats never miss their day of rest

is St. Faustina’s feast observed in the universal calendar or is it a local feast in Poland


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