Concerning the TV Show "Supernatural"

Hi all,

 I have a question and I was wondering if any of you guys could answer it. It's concerning the tv show "Supernatural". I was wondering if any of you guys watch it, or whether you think it's all right or wise to watch. I've heard things about watching or reading about the occult and how it opens you up to the devil's influence. Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Thanks :)

The Apologists on CAL covered this not too long ago.

Basically if you’re not clear on your Christian theology it wouldn’t be wise to watch it. But if you’re watching purely for entertainment and you are versed enough to know when the show is stepping into faulty theological ground then you’ll be fine.

I personally watch Supernatural and quite honestly it annoys me more then it entertains me. Its ideas about angels and demons are SO FAR from Christian theology that I have a hard time just enjoying the fantasy.

The only reason I still watch it (I’m on Season 4) is because the boys are cute. Shallow but hey… what can I say? I’m appreciating the view God provided in those two gorgeous actors!

I don’t watch it. Mostly because I just find it disgusting and so very theologically unsound. I do find that most of the people who do watch, watch it for as the above poster said, the ‘cute guys’. I try to keep my TV on things that my kids need to see, and I don’t consider supernatural one of those things. We have several in our church who talk actively about the show with their 13 and 14 year old children on facebook. I don’t let my 14 year old watch it and that annoys her, but I want her to know that I simply don’t like that kind of tV

I’ve seen every single episode from teh very start, and own most of the shows on DVD. it’s no different than any other tv show; if you’re old enough and spiritually mature enough to understand it’s nothing but a tv show, there’s no harm in it.

It does deal with occult practices, but it also asserts the existance of God, angels, the afterlife…some times in a wonderfully positive way, sometimes not. For example, we have many episodes that show the CLEAR dangers of messing with magic and otherwordly forces. Demons are always shown as evil, soul wrenching beings that belong in hell. There’s an episode early on where Dean is faced with the existance of God, and forced to accept that he’s real.

Which is why one should be spiritually grounded. It can also be somewhat crass at times, but it’s not nearly as bad as a lot of other mainstream tv.

Watch it, enjoy it if it suits your fancy. I would definately not allow younger children to watch it though

Its ideas about demons are generally always negative BUT it’s ideas about angels are down right offensive. And it is this aspect of the show that annoys me the most.

It’s theologically unsound, yes, but in the same way that Buffy, the Vampire Slayer was theologically unsound. That is to say, it’s not supposed to be a vehicle for delivering theology in the first place. It’s just a big, modern amalgamation of almost every ancient myth.

I have serious concerns about anyone who thinks this show would put their faith in jeopardy, because I just can’t see it. It shouldn’t be putting anyone’s faith in jeopardy any more than the Illiad, the Odyssey, Norse Eddas or Beowulf would.

The blond kid on the show was on “Days of Our Lives” and I remember him being a very devout Christian in person. Jensen something? Anyway, I believe he’s evangelical and, forgive me, but they place fast and loose with escatology.

Well, it could put some people’s ideas about faith in jeopardy.

Imagine, if you would, a young teenager (16/17) who rarely attends Mass, never reads the Bible and is generally in that stage of questioning that teenagers enter into.

Now say this teenager watches Supernatural and thinks this is how angels and demons ACTUALLY operate.

Perhaps it wouldn’t put their faith in jeopardy, per-say, but it could fill their head with all kinds of incorrect ideas about CHRISTIAN theology.

And if you think this doesn’t happen… I had a friend who hated the Catholic Church. After some time I found out all she knew about the Church she learned from TV SHOWS… and she believed all of it was true. This was a grown adult woman who was a non-denominational Christian and she believed everything that TV and movies told her about Catholicism…

There are more people like this out there then you think.

Why didn’t the parents of this child fill their heads with SOUND CHristian doctrine growing up, so that Supernatural wasn’t the first time they heard about demons and angels?

The vast majority of these cases are not “tv is bad!” but “you had lousy parents”

:slight_smile: I never said TV is bad. I said the things this particular TV show talks about are at odds with what our faith actually teaches about these things. This COULD potentially be a problem for people who had lousy parents and bad faith formation.

For people who have researched these things prior to watching the show, it wouldn’t be a problem.

As long as you understand it is completely and utterly fictional, yes. Occult is just the heebeejeebees all made up, and until I see a witch actually cast a spell other than a girl standing their embarrassing herself in her black clothes and make-up, I’m going to keep thinking it’s just a fad. Unless you get swept up in trends, fads, and wastes of time, I’d say you are pretty safe from any of the occult!

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