Conchita Gonzalez, Garabandal Apparitions and End Times

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After listening to a lecture by one of my favourite Catholic Answers apologists, I flicked onto an older US documentary about “The Priest who spoke with Jesus Christ!” which goes on to describe the numerous apparitions of Mary around the globe, and the prophecies surrounding end times.

Conchita Gonzalez, and the Garabandal Apparitions are events I didn’t know about until just now, and they really struck me, especially as some of the apparitions (well, the children seeing them), were caught on film.
At one point, an angel delivers a host to Conchita, which appears on her tongue.

I wonder if anyone knows what the Church does, day-to-day, in response to these apparitions? Meaning, the ones which have happened.

I’m sure the church continues to do its work, rather than make any knee-jerk reaction, since the church is calling us all to holiness so we might be prepared.
However I wondered if there is a council which monitors this area- i.e. that of end-times?

It strikes me that if more people knew about these events, they would be instantly converted!

I wanted to share the video, but I am always a little skeptical. The Garabandal Apparitions seem not to have had formal Church approval.

We hear about hosts turning to real flesh, and other miracles in the world, yet they are not used as a part of our evangelisation.

Conchita told her mother that Mary had told her that there would only be three more popes.

Below from :

Conchita: "One day I said to the Virgin, at the time of the future events (warning, miracle and chastisement), ‘Will that be the end of the world?’ "

And she answered me “No, the end of time.”

What is the meaning of “the end of the times” el fin de los tiempos"?

In English, the translation is: “the end of our epoch”, or “the end of these times”. It is also satisfactory to say: “The end of the present period.”

Conchita told Fr Marcelino Andreu: “When you see the warning you know we have opened up the end of time.”

So, after Pope John XXIII, there would be 3 Popes left, yet there have been 4 – Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and now Benedict XVI.

With the canonization of JPII, I wonder if this pope’s passing is significant?

From “According to the prophecy then, the death of the third pope, John Paul II, signalled a line of demarcation, and we are now in and then phase that leads up to the great prophesied events and the end of our times.”

Conchita told Mother Maria Nieves Garcia, M.M.C>, Superior of the school in Burgos which the seer attended in 1966-67, that one of the popes would have a very short reign. John Paul l reigned for 33 days. Conchita also told Mother Nieves, “El ultimo Papa antes del final de los tiempos, seria Papa, Papa y muy amante de la Virgen” (the last pope before the end of the times will be Papa, Papa (the second pope of the same name) and a great lover of the Virgin. "

This clearly refers to St Pope John Paul II.

Going on; the apparitions did not indicate ‘end times’ exactly. More, they foretold of a world wide warning which will come directly from God. A year later, a Great Miracle will occur.
The Warning will be issued globally in order to prepare mankind.

It seems the Warning may be interior to each person, rather than a global earthquake or natural event?

It seems to me that the more ‘subtle’ apparitions and miracles around the world would be a waste if there was going to be one, huge, warning from God. This would surely negate the work of the Church for a salvation of souls, and all of the miracles experienced recently?
I mean, this would be a first time that God had revealed Himself directly, when we know that God leaves us to come to his table of our own accord?

Some speak of churches being full after the warning, and there not being enough priests to hear confessions. I wonder- would it be that direct and obvious a warning?

I just think that if it is taken in this sense, sending his son to die on the cross as the ultimate means of salvation wouldn’t be necessary for the generation which receives the warning?
Unless in Christ dying, the mechanism for salvation in these times, after the warning, is established- i.e the Church.

I write the above as a bit of a rambling to myself, :), but also to invite your views and knowledge.

I am pretty sure the local bishops refuted that apparition.I have studied it quite a bit as many others,and am very curious about Joey lomanginos eyes supposedly being regenerated to prove its authenticity.

I didn’t know that. The whole apparition, or just one of them?

It doesn’t look that the church has an official position.

The Garabandal apparition is not approved by the church. As a previous poster mentioned it was refuted by the local bishop and is not considered out of divine origin. There are quite lengthy documents on the internet of why it was refuted. Take a look at them as there is a lot to support the church’s refusal.

The Church has never shown much interest in it and has never had a commission investigate it. The local bishops have not supported it. Not sure but it seems I read somewhere that Joey died still blind. I wouldn’t touch it until the Church does. That’s the safest thing to do. What would be the sense to chase after something false. The Church is VERY careful. God Bless. Memaw

I think people are too concerned about the end times and a warning.

This is how I see it. God sent His son and He died on the cross for us. There is nothing on this earth ever in the past or the future that compares to this. God has mercy on us because of His son’s Sorrowful Passion. We don’t deserve it. The graces we receive if we ask with a contrite heart and humility are beyond our understanding. We may get a warning or may not. It is not important. It is only because of Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice on the cross that we are forgiven. He who knew no sin was made sin for us, to save us and restore us to God’s friendship. The merits of His Holy Wounds and His death on the cross will lead us to everlasting life not some sign in the sky or whatever these visionaries are saying will happen.

I don’t think we are supposed to be promoting unapproved things on these forums. God Bless, Memaw

This article is quite good and has a list.

Notice that garabandal got a negative decision.

If the local Bishop has refuted it then the Church has taken a stance on the matter. The local Bishop has authority over his diocese. Contradicting him is being disobedient to the Church. When a Bishop refutes or disaproves of an apparition in his diocese, he has excersied the authority of his position, and we are to obey it.

I think I once had a book that had a chapter about this but it was years ago…
One of the most interesting marian appearances on the list was at Zeuiton in Eygpt.
The Virgin Mary was seen walking around the dome of St.mary’s Coptic Church.She blessed the crowd and prayed.She did not speak or give any messages.Fate Magazine and newspapers carried it at the time. This was even filmed by eygptian television.
It is an approved apparition of Mary for the Coptic church. If you go down the list and see Zeuiton; you will see it says Coptic Approved in capital letters.
Since it was approved by the Copts;maybe Rome felt that was enough. It definetely looks like Our Lady and maybe Rome hasn’t really said anything because Mary didn’t speak.She gave no message to anyone unlike in catholic ones;She appeared to christian and muslim alike.

I found a video on Youtube regarding a vision like this. I think the year was 1968. Here is the link.

Not necessarily, the Bishops of Medj. have refuted it over and over and still there were several investigations. I’m with the Bishop even tho many are not!! God Bless, Memaw

Dear all;

Thank you for the replies.

To clarify- in my post I said that the Church had not approved it, and I’m certainly not suggesting it should or promoting the alleged apparition.

My overriding argument was in my closing paras where I elaborated on the means of salvation being Christ, and that the genuine apparitions would have been in vein if mankind was going to receive the ultimate warning from God- something God has arguably done first and foremost through Christ, and has restrained himself from direct interaction with us.

Thank you for the links. I’ll take a look at that list.

Tim Staples of Catholic Answers mentioned some of the best known miracles to occur- many of which are still in existence today.

We should really learn about these and spread their existence to non-believers.

The church is VERY sceptical when it comes to miracles and the investigation process involves both believers and non-b as well as scientists on mass. Our mother is cautious not to allow us to be deceived.

If only we would stand with Her all the way. What a different world we would have. God Bless, Memaw

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