Concise Summary of Vatican II

Can someone direct me to a concise summary of the pronouncements/teachings that came out of the 2nd Vatican Council?

The Vatican II council did not proclaim any doctrine or dogma. It only emphasised more on ecumenism. It also changed the Liturgy around a bit.

You might try the Wikipedia article on the Second Vatican Council.

The Church doesn’t work well in sound bites. The best possible way to begin to understand the Council is to read the conciliar documents. Start with the constitutions:

They’re well-worth the investment of your time.

Hi Roman,

You may have been somewhat misled on Vatican II. See

**1. Sacrosanctum concilium, Sacred Liturgy, 1963. **
English Latin

**2. Inter Mirifica, Social Communication, 1963. **
English Latin

**3. Lumen Gentium, On the Church, 1964. **
English Latin

4. Orientalium Ecclesiarum, Eastern Rite,1964.
English Latin

5. Unitatis Redintegratio, Ecumenism, 1964.
English Latin

6. Christus Dominus, Pastoral Office of Bishops In the Church,
**1965. **English Latin

7. Perfectae Caritatis, On Renewal of Religious Life, 1965.
English Latin

8. Optatam Totius, On Priestly Training, 1965.
English Latin

9. Gravissimum Educationis, On Christian Education, 1965.
English Latin

10. Nostra Aetate, On the Relation Of the Church to Non-Christian
**Religions, 1965. **English Latin

11. Dei Verbum, Dogmatic Constitution On Divine Revelation, 1965.
English Latin

12. Apostolicam Actuositatem, Decree On the Apostolate of the Laity, 1965.
English Latin

**13. Dignitatis Humanae, **On Religious Freedom, 1965.
English Latin

14. Ad Gentes, Decree On the Mission Activity of the Church, 1965.
English Latin

15. Presbyterorum Ordinis, Decree On the Ministry and Life of Priests, 1965.
English Latin

16. Gaudium et Spes, On the Church In the Modern World,1965.

English Latin

I found this thread because I had the same the question. Our adult class is viewing the film “John XXIII” and are looking for such a summary. I came across this very helpful article:

There are several good books on the teachings of Vatican II.
(You can find these in used book stores)

The Dynamic Voice of Vatican II - Ruffolo (ed) 1977

Vatican II - The Catholic challenge - Alan Schreck 1991

The Catechism of Modern Man (Published by Daughters of St. Paul)
It’s an index to the teachings found in the documents of Vatican II on different topics. 1968

Another good book, but not the same as the above:

Vatican II - The Crisis and the Promise - Schreck 2005

Great DVD I watched it a few weeks ago.

Old thread, but now a current subject in the face of The Year of Faith. I am reading the original 16 documents in the book Documents of Vatican ll by Austin Flannery OP and using two guides:

The Documents of the Second Vatican Council Summary and Guide by Dr Jeffrey Mirus–this is an ebook or Kindle download only which I found at Dr. Mirus’ website and at Amazon as well. Very succinct and helpful–this could be a good shortcut for those who might not have the time to read all of the actual documents.

Vatican ll: The Crisis and the Promise by Prof. Alan Schrek, Steubenville

This is part of a Year of Faith project I’m undertaking for the Dominican Laity group in our parish. Hope this is useful.

As another poster stated, it is hard to understand V2 or any Church teaching for that matter, in sound bites. The best thing to do is read the major documents. I find a lot of the teaching to be profound and beautiful. I try to read it in a prayerful spirit of trust.

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