Does anyone use a concordance or have a recommendation? I usually read the Catholic RSV and I also reference the KJV on occasion. I know Strong’s Bible Concordance is very popular among Evangelicals. Are there any known concerns with Strong’s being anti-catholic or otherwise reflecting potential errors? Are there any better suggestions, possibly ones that are compatible with the RSV?


Here ya go. This is on my wish list.
The Catholic Bible Concordance: Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition


Its not cheap, but if you invest in a good electronic library (i.e., Verbum), you won’t need a concordance.


I use the Olive Bible Study app and I can carry my library with me everywhere :slight_smile:


We use the Concordance for Bible Study as well as RCIA.


Strong’s is a word list of the KJV; as a word list, it can’t really be said to be pro- or anti- anything. The problem is that it is limited to only one Bible translation.

^^^This. I have used PC Study Bible for decades. The concordance function works with all of the included translations.


This is a good one!


I have the Catholic bible concordance RSVCE it just tells you where the words are in the bible. Book, chapter, verse.

The Strongs tells you the meaning of the words in both Hebrew and Greek. I would prefer this one for more in depth study.

Just my opinion.


I have both, but it is nice to have a concordance that is based upon the specific translation that you are using, since all translations translate individual words differently.


The Bible Hub site is useful for its Hebrew and Greek concordance using Strong’s numbers.


The Bible Hub site is useful for its Hebrew and Greek concordance using Strong’s numbers.


I would recommend just getting the bible in electronic form and using a text search function. Computers are very good at finding other instances of the same word.
Whereas, Strong’s concordance is often very sloppy.


Is the choice Kindle or Hardcopy. Is there a PC version?




I’ve found Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary quite useful, if sometimes a bit too polemical. :slight_smile:


I use “A textual Concordance of the Holy Scriptures” by Fr. Thomas David Williams


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