Condition of Russia at the Time of Fatima Apparitions (1917)?

In the apparitions at Fatima, in 1917, Our Lady warned that Russia would spread “her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church.”

What was the state of Russia as of May 1917, when the apparitions began? Weak, powerful? Was a Marxist government yet in place? When did Russia begin to conquer neighboring territories? When did it become the Soviet Union?

I could look all this up, but I figure someone on here will have the skinny! Thanks.

Though I don’t recall specifics, I do not think the Communists took control over Russia until October. In fact, I think they call it Red October or something. The Russians were probably weak at the time, having sufferred terrible losses in the war. I don’t know when they began “conquering” neighboring territories but I believe they officially became the Soviet Union in 1922 or something.

Actually as soon as WWI ended, the Soviets went to war with Poland and fought a war on the attempted reconquest Finland in 1918-20. Also, Russian states that supported the Menesheviks (the Russian monarchists and Russian pro democracy groups including Adm. Kolchak’s provisional government in Siberia) also were invaded by the Communists and thier Socialist alies during the Russian Civil War. So pretty much from the get go, the Russians were invading thier neighbors.

thanks. following up on that, here’s another good link, which
includes a detailed timeline:

Russian Revolution of 1917

it does seem to me that the historical context lends considerable
credibility to the apparitions. who at the time (i.e., 1917) would have
prophesied that a weak, war-torn russia would eventually become
a powerhouse that would spread “her errors throughout the world”?

the last apparition occurred on october 13.

the october revolution began on october 25 (under the old julian
calendar still in use in russia at the time; november 7 under the
current gregorian calendar).

this was “the first Marxist communist revolution of the twentieth century.”

State of Russia circa 1917:
“Socially, Tsarist Russia stood well behind the rest of Europe in
its industry and farming, resulting in few opportunities for fair
advancement on the part of peasants and industrial workers.
Economically, widespread inflation and food shortages in Russia
contributed to the revolution. Militarily, inadequate supplies,
logistics, and weaponry led to heavy losses that the Russians
suffered during World War I.”

“Russia’s recent history was a litany of military failures.”

“The Russian Civil War, which broke out in 1918 shortly after the
revolution, brought death and suffering to millions of people
regardless of their political orientation.”
"New Planet" by Konstantin Yuon (1921)

Labor unions around the world were becoming very powerful and looking at communism as a future. I always that Fatima was a warning not to look to communism as a future. So part of the message may have been to those outside of Russia not to follow Russia’s lead. This seems logical as Russia found religion problematic and discouraged it. It basically became in Russia the best choice was no religion, then state sponsored religion, and only minimal allowed other religions to exist. Same appears true in other countries which tried communism.

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