Conditional baptism and confession

I had a technical question about conditional baptism. When they are scheduled for those coming in to the Church, do they also have a confession prior to the conditional baptism?

Since it is conditional, I would assume they would have Confession beforehand, since if they were validly baptized earlier, the conditional is not a baptism and no sin is forgiven.

Anyone know the specifics on this?

If a person has already received Christian Baptism when coming into the Catholic Church then s/he will go to Confession shortly before being received.

A non-Baptized convert does not go to Confession because, for one thing, they lack Sacramental capacity, and for another, they will have all of their sins remitted in Baptism.

A person is “conditionally” Baptized if there is question about whether valid Christian Baptism has been received. Since there is a possibility that the person is validly Baptized, s/he will attend Confession, just as a Baptized person. Should the person not actually be Baptized, the Confession will have no effect, but their Baptism will take care of what their Confession could not.

So you are correct.

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