Condom and AIDs in Africa


I have heard on “Catholic Answers Live”, that AIDS in Africa is lower in countries where abstinence is promoted over condoms. I am looking for hard data which I can use to back it up.


I am curious as well.

But it does make sense.
Promoting a preventive that works 100% of the time will always win out over a preventative that fails 10% of the time.


Is abstinence promoted for married couples?



Interesting statement…


A good article:



I would suggest that no indulgences before marriage and staying faithful should have the same effect. :smiley:


there i think the rules change, for example now you only should seek to avoid unsecure blood transfusions and other stuff. and obviously not o cheat on your spouse.


No, the rules are not different for married couples. Using a condom or any form of contraception is gravely immoral.


I mean the rules to avod AIDS, specially about the abstinence.


Thanks Ed,
Having a Harvard man being peppered by a reporter shows how inconstant they both are.

Peace be with you also,


Unless… it was inherited from the mother or the woman was raped…


Here you go:

In short, condom ideology rests on the assumption that human behavior is fixed and that the presence or comprehension of the function of a condom doesn’t alter behaviors. This assumption turns out to be disastrously untrue. In the real world, when you pass out condoms and tell people they will make them safe from STDs, people become more willing to engage in risky behavior. Thus the total number of risky sexual encounters greatly increases and even though each encounter has a low rate of STD transmission, the total number of STD transmissions increases compared to a culture that views sexual intimacy to be appropriate only in marriage.


Look I’m a very sexually liberated individual (I’m aware of what your opinion on that must be of that). Watch this:
People I’m here to tell you condoms are NOT 100% effective! They aren’t BUT they lower risk. Seat-belts aren’t 100% effective but you can choose to ride in a car if you like I just recommend wearing a seatbelt so your not screwed 100% of the time.


Apples and oranges. Everybody knows full well that driving has dangers. But they are relatively low risks in comparison to STD transmission. Heck, I drive 4-6 times a day and have logged more than half a million miles in my life so far. While I’ve been in some fender benders, I’ve never been injured a bit.

Now look at the incidence of STD transmission out there. Surely you have to agree that the risk of car crash per driving event is astronomically less than the risk of STD transmission per partner? And unlike sex, I have absolutely no primal urge to go driving (Chicago traffic will do that to you). Therefore, I experience no “risk compensation” from a seat belt. There’s nothing whispering in my ear “Go ahead and hit the road, the seat belt will make you safe!”

You don’t find it odd that in spite of antibiotics, other superior medical advances and universal condom availability, the STD prevalence today is far HIGHER than at any time in US history prior to the 1960’s?

Or let me put it another way. If for some odd reason, condoms and other contraceptives were not at all available would you still behave the same way you do today (frequency and number of partners)? Or would your behavior be different because of your perception of the risks was different?


I think the idea behind condoms for AIDS prevention in Africa was because there are people there who are coerced, one way or another, into prostitution. The condoms are intended to protect them.


In which case it should be treated like using the pill for medical reasons.


I’m going to have to look for it, but there was a video on YouTube on this subject and Cardinal Peter Turkson mentioned that another reason abstinence was more effective was that condoms were poorly constructed in Africa.


Possibly, but I would expect that the condoms there come from the same factories that produce them for the rest of the world. Or maybe they’re getting the factory defects that can’t be sold for retail.


Think that through half a second, OK?

“Excuse me, Mr. Rapist? Before you go any further, would you mind using this here condom out of respect for me and my wellbeing?”



I think it’s pretty clear that the topic of my post is sex workers. Further, the condoms were also supposed to be to protect the wives of men who are at high risk.

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