Condom use and Catholic church's postition?


Condom use today can and does have benefits. . It was said in the TV public service announcement, that every 9 1/2 minutes in the USA someone becomes positive for HIV. There are many sexually transmitted diseases more common than HIV prevalent as to unprotected sex. Of course those outside of a marriage can and should abstain from intimate relations and just say no to sexual relations. However that is not, as we know, realistically going to be the case for many no matter what is preached and by whom.

Are you OK with using condoms to guard against disease? I’m not saying use it for contraception or rely upon it for that, but some do along with spermicide foam which works very well if used properly. Teens or course need education and it is there for them today more than 40 or 50 years ago. The USA does spend a lot of tax money to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa and, education and condoms have been a blessing to these people to keep it better in check.

I suppose a poll may be in order as to the use of these and what people think about these safer sex alternatives.


I believe all that is taught by the Holy Catholic Church to be true and revealed by God. We don’t get to pick and choose, truth is and always will be truth - regardless of polls or the fact that “everyone is doing it”.


True, but people even in our faith, will sin and have sex and some teens don’t know it is a sin. We can’t just put chastity belts on our teen age daughters can we? It would be great if we could convince them to abstain, both boys and girls. There will always be how many , say out of 100 who will actually experiment and intimate sexual relations regardless. Do we just turn a blind eye and not educate them as to protection?

I know in the 50’s and and early 60’s as a kid, some of us can recall, we did not have child safety seats, seat belts, air bags in cars, we drank out of a garden hose, there were no child proof safety caps on the medicine bottles, we rode in the back of a pick up truck and thought it was fun, no bicycle helmet, We had no clue as to sex as a young teen, nor any worries even into our teens as to sex, and therefore STD’s and certainly not HIV and AIDS. How did we ever survive?


I teach my child (now an adult) right from wrong, we did our very best to impart the Faith and to live the Faith before them. Should that child use free will to sin, that is the choice they make.

I do not offer to drive a safe get away car if my child decides to rob a bank or teach them how to have an affair without getting caught. I don’t teach my child how to sin.

Garden hoses and riding in the back of a pickup are not mortal sins.

STDs have been around as long as there have been people.

I knew about sex when I was a young, homeschooled teen. My parents and my home church (I was not Catholic then) did not shirk their responsibility in teaching me about sex in the light of the law of God. We also were taught about STDs, and the sure way not to become infected - to abstain.


I agree with you. We had morals yet, we did not have the protections as to safety they have today as to safety belts, padded dashboards, child safety seats, and front and side air bags, med safety caps, helmets a must for bikes, safety glasses, hearing protection gear, sports padding, etc etc…
They do have more detailed sex education than I had in my day. I guess the evolution is not bad really. It’s just more expensive today and not a bad thing to explain condom use and protection,. but what do I know?


Ah…you saw it on TV, so it must be true… those were good ol’ days: when everything you saw on TV (rather than on the Internet) was true… :smiley:


Public service announcements and statistics and condom use education are only one aspect. I hope the church can stop STD’s and HIV/AIDS with teaching morals. Maybe it will work. Check out in the USA where our politicians congregate… Washington DC and teen pregnancy. They breed many more than they can feed. It’s sad. .


God is the same yesterday, today and forever.


Actually, Condum use DOES prevent the spread of diseases. If they are used correctly.
They also prevent preganancy, when used correctly. It’s as much as an accepted fact as life beginning at conception.

That does not make condum use moral, not at all. I have my opinions about them, but we must be honest first-saying they don’t work or some other foolishness is sort of like saying cigarettes don’t cause lung cancer or HIV doesn’t lead to AIDS.


What a sad way to look at the gift of new life! To call the birth of a baby “breeding”, sad sad sad.

The USA feeds people. Those who go hungry in the USA do so by choice or because they are too proud to ask for help.


Let’s call upon the right wing, not just the left to care for those among us who are born hungry. We should feed, take care of their health, and provide for their education. I’m pro adoption if all else fails but we all want our politicians to step up to the plate and fork out money to raise these lovely innocent children. We are a nation born in the midst of plenty. The very wealthy, some are those of the GOP. These once and for all should step up and say, I’m here for that newborn cradle to grave if they need our help and many do . Let us just not only love the unborn fetus but let us support them after birth.


I spend every day of my life working to provide assistance to the neediest in my community. 90% of the volunteers, workers and contributors to the causes that feed, clothe, provide medical care, housing, emergency utility assistance, furniture for those in need are staunch political conservatives.

The Catholic Church, the conservative non-condom allowing Catholic Church, is the largest charity on this planet.

How much time and money do you spend caring for the needy in your city?


Automobiles are 100% safe. If used correctly.

More seriously, analysis published in 2007 from the University of Texas Medical Branch and the World Health Organization found that condoms reduce STD risk 80–95%. That’s the best case scenario. Real-world numbers, along with your mileage, may vary. And do.

Simply distributing condoms can, in some situations, increase the region’s STD rate. People who think they are protected often engage in more risky behavior.

We have to deal with the real world and not theoretical debates about how things should work.


I’m not privledged to provide any means. I wished I was among those earning over $250K a year or even $50K a year. If so, I’d welcome the roll back of income taxes to those paid under the Clinton adminstration. I agree with you. If we we are to shun contraceptives and STD control, we must be prepared as to the little ones from cradle to grave and take care of those riddled with AIDS and have HIV. Sex education, and then pregnancy care and newborn care education and support, and health care for the child, education for the child, etc. etc. It’ s not cheap, but we are wanting and welcoming what the Lord brought into the midst of plenty. Now, if you can convince the Republican party of this support and appropriation of funds, you’ve come a long way to help these babies and HIV and AIDS patients. May God bless you. You’re doing your part from what you’ve posted and I respect that, but do what you can to convince others.



If you are Catholic, then you are searching out marriagable material.

Sex is only allowed in marriage.

Two people in marriage are loving and committed to each other.

No need for worry of protection of disease, why else would you marry? Are you going to marry someone you do not trust or is not honest to you?

NFP is only allowable for spacing out children. You must bond with your spouse in the marital embrace. Contraception only allows for a disconnection within marriage.

It is not about your plan or focus to try to cut off fear from disease and pregnancy, it is up to God’s plan, if followed by the book or the church…, there is not a need for condoms…, the more you learn about the void of contraception in the RC church, the more you understand.

The freedom movement in the 60’s were good, but they were really bad too…, and we need to stress self-control and self-respect before we easily give into temptation outside of marriage thinking that simple coverage will help save us of disease, release an urge, and void from responsibilty…, when you can engage in a loving, faithful, committed, hard-working, God-loving marriage…, you WILL get all the protection you could ever possibly ask for, ten-fold!


True…but, you or me are merely examples of what can work. God let us invent condoms. I hate the darned things and have used those and I guess I’ve sinned in a horrible way by doing so and will burn in hell perhaps, no matter how well meaning I was at the time. We have to realize that others don’t have it so clear and clean and condoms do prevent disease. Would you rather .30 cents for a condom or spend $100,000 or more for the alternative? Think about it.


God let us invent nuclear weapons too. Exercise of free will can be for good or evil. In the case of contraception it is for evil.

Fortunately for you, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is available for you.

It doesn’t matter what condoms do or don’t do. Contraception is intrinsically disordered. Let’s start there. Do you have an understanding of what that means?

Also what, exactly, is a “new age catholic” as your screen name states?


I’m disorderd. I leave it to the Lord and God to be my judge when my time comes to leave this life. I’ll pray for you but you seem to have a handle as to how it plays out, so me meek and mild, I’ll sit back and watch your progress. I’m in awe of many, including you. I hope if I get up there, probably cloudy doubtful somewhat but hopeful somewhat, I can hook up with you someday. Who knows? Think positive my friend in Christ. Judge not lest you be judged.


So, you don’t intend to answer my questions then?


I tend to agree with you, that maybe people will engage in more risky behavior. However, by lying and saying “Condums spread diseases” we won’t get people to listen to us as to why they are immoral.

Like the famous and hated Cardinal Martini quote, I agree that using condums, in certian circumstances, can be a lesser evil. I’d rather people use condums than abortofacient means of birth control. I live in reality, and realize that not everyone is Catholic, and sometimes even those who are have a hard time following the church on everything.

We are all under strict orders not to judge them, and to pray for them.

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