Hello Everyone. I know the topic of “condoms” is a much debated one, and many are probably sick of discussing it, but I have a question. The other day I found out that the mother of one of my friends is a local condom distributor. She literally hands out condoms to high school aged students (including her own son), and I feel as though I cannot look at her the same. The thought literally makes me cringe. Should this bother me, or am I being ridiculous?

I don’t think you are ridiculous to be bothered. But perhaps you should talk to her about it…ask her about how she feels about supporting her son’s behavior, if she is ready for grandchildren, etc.? Talk to her about how she shouldn’t be making that decision for other children or their parents…it’s certainly disturbing.

It would make me feel weird too, but I still would not accept a condom from her, if she were to offer.

I am very impressed by your maturity. Unfortunately she sounds like a very immature woman. The type who wants to be best buds with the kids.

Along with promoting sex for individuals she should by nature want to protect she is also setting all those guys up for a variety to STD’S as it has been proven condoms don’t protect the individual from getting any of them. Also there is a 6% manufacturer failure rate even when condoms are used properly.

Let’s pray for her and her son,


There is nothing wrong with being alarmed by this; she is basically helping young men (or boys, maybe more like it) commit mortal sin while comitting mortal sin.

I’m impressed with your maturity as well, by the way. God bless you.

Benedicat Deus,

To this woman’s way of thinking she is helping protect teenagers from pregnancy and disease. Like a lot of people, she thinks hormonal teens are going to be having sex no matter what and that she should help them to have safer sex. She truly believes she is doing the right thing. So, no, I wouldn’t be bothered by it nor would I speak to her about it. I’d file it under “not my business” and move on with my life.

It doesn’t matter that she “thinks” she’s doing the right thing; she’s not and needs to be confronted. As an 18 year-old committed to chastity, I find it offensive that people would just assume that no young (wo)man can be chaste or that (their going to have sex anyway). It’s possible.

It is our business to correct public and blatant evils.

Benedicat Deus,

Isn’t this an example of relativism that Pope Benedict warned us about.

I have been at outdoor concerts where cheery women distribute condoms from a giant Easter style basket and lying on the beach when a buff young man dressed like a gladiator passed them out of his helmet in hand.

This woman is in sales, these are sales promotional material used to increase her sales volume. I too was in sales but sold honorable products. Mom is using her son to increase her sales. Doesn’t this make her a bit of a pimp? It’s Sodom and Gamorrah.

It is a sad commentary on having little faith that young people can actually have self control. I give our youth more credit.

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