Conference to Promote Communion Kneeling and on the Tongue

Referring to what Benedict XVI called a “sort of ‘nuclear fission’” that takes place when bread and wine is turned into Christ’s real body and blood, Msgr. Bux explained how transubstantiation brings about a “process of transformation of reality, a process leading ultimately to the transfiguration of the entire world, to the point where God will be all in all.”

Kneeling before the Holy Eucharist is therefore “the most eloquent expression” a person can make in front of the “present mystery,” said Msgr. Bux. “Divine worship has this central focus: to realize that the Lord is here and to give him importance, that is, to worship him by bringing us to our knees, as Saint Peter did at the Sea of Galilee.”


I agree with kneeling and on the tongue, but everyone in my parish received standing in hand. I’d feel like I’m making a display of myself if I kneel. At the same time it seems more correct to reverence God than to protect the sensibilities of those who don’t want to be bothered by “excessive reverence”, if that would even be the case.


They asked that the possibility of receiving Holy Communion on the tongue and kneeling be guaranteed and that the distribution of the Eucharist by the laity be prohibited.

Receiving on the tongue kneeling is already guaranteed so not sure what they’re on about there. As for the second part, unless they want to do away with frequent reception of the eucharist or suddenly magic up a massive amount more priests and deacons, distribution by the laity is here to stay!


Sure, the way it’s pictured. But my experience with an actual communion rail is that it goes very quickly, in a surprisingly organized fashion.


Yup. And at the church of my childhood they had both - if you sat in the front half you processed up to the Communion rail; in the back half you processed to the “halfway mark” where Eucharistic Ministers distributed Communion and you received standing. So parishioners has a choice based on where they sat. Seemed nice to me.


Communion on the tongue, while kneeling is already allowed by the Church. I have no problem with people trying to promote it, but I do have a problem with those same people trying to take a legitimate option away from others.
The Church has spoken, COTT and CITH are both acceptable options. One is not “better” than the other and receiving kneeling and on the tongue does not make one a “better” Catholic.


That’s actually a great idea.

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Not sure what value is in seeds of division.


Without a communion rail, it complicates the procession. What If one cannot kneel? Doesn’t that make them a sort of second class citizen in the eyes of all who watch?

I believe that reverence is in the heart of the communicant, and not in any physical posture.


Amen. And thank you. I rest my case.


And I’d be making a display of myself when I try to get back up. I would hope that at any church that insists that you kneel, they have a muscular volunteer “helper-upper” for those who can’t spring or levitate back up.


Is that really what you think? You honestly believe that everyone else is the parish is going to look down on someone who physically can’t kneel???

Obviously physical posture matters to a degree, if not then why are we required to kneel during certain parts of the Mass?

If postures didn’t matter, then perhaps it would make sense that the next big liturgical change should be to do away with all required standing and kneeling then. Because by that logic one can have just as much reverence sitting through the entire Mass without needless action that is intended to reflect reverence, that one truly has in their hearts anyway.


The article says . “The event, aimed at raising awareness about the way Jesus in the Eucharist is received, will especially urge greater reverence by receiving the Body of Christ kneeling and on the tongue rather than standing and in the hand.”

I strongly object to folk inferring that one way is more reverential than the other way .

Whichever way I receive the Eucharist , and I receive both ways , I am as reverential as I can be .


Exactly. If someone can’t kneel they can’t kneel and it’s between them and God not for the posture police to be watching to see & “catch” them. When I see those who don’t kneel (if I even happen to notice) my thought isn’t “Oh how disrespectful” my thought is “Oh they probably can’t kneel.”

I can kneel for parts of the Mass but at other parts I can’t (bad knee) and I either sit at the edge of my pew with my head bowed in reverence or I half sit and half kneel. Nobody cares except me and God.

I will just say I would LOVE to see the Communion rail return.


Yup. It has happened to me and is one of the reasons why I will never attend the EF in my diocese again.

I have an auto-immune disease that causes severe joint pain, but I look young and healthy.
When I approached the altar rail, I stood near the corner. The priest ignored me the first time he passed me, then told me to kneel if I wanted to receive. Since I could not, I left the rail and returned to my pew.

After Mass, I tried to talk to Father, who didn’t want to hear it. He accused me of lying and said that if I ever attended his Mass again I must kneel.

I also was demeaned by a bunch of people at an OF Good Friday service, who felt my lack of kneeling was just laziness.

So, yeah, I believe it can happen.



Guess what, what they think doesn’t matter it’s what God knows that matters. Instead of getting upset and leaving I’d have tried until I would have been able to talk to father and explain. He is a human being and he needs to be made aware that these kinds of medical issues to prevent people from kneeling. It’s for his benefit as well as yours to be persistent in talking to him. You can not be the only one who is in this situation and priests need to be made aware. Pray for this Priest and for those who demeaned you. They don’t know and they judged.

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Why should I waste my time and energy on people who are rude and judgemental?
I tried to have a very polite conversation with Father, he just didn’t want to hear it.
I also know of a few others who were treated very poorly by this priest, who feel the same way I do.

I know what they say doesn’t matter, and I really don’t care.

But for anyone to say that things like this don’t happen is wrong. And it says a whole lot more about them than it does me.


Yes I totally understand how hurt and upset you are but how will Father ever know any different if you don’t tell him. I personally don’t give up when it comes to issues of faith like this. I can speak better in writing than face to face so I would have written him a letter politely explaining the reason for not kneeling for Holy communion. I’m sure Father would have been very appreciative to know the reason. I have written letters to priests before about this type of thing. They are human too and they have their faults. Now the Good Friday situation I’d have politely and with much restraint quickly explained to them my issue and said I’m here, I’m worshipping my Lord and I’m doing the best I can.

Churches that “insist” that you kneel have altar rails and use them. The altar rail makes it a lot easier to get back up. Altar rails (at least in the US) also have really nice padding.

However, if there is still someone who cannot kneel due to really bad knees (or some other health issue that prevents them from kneeling), then are allowed to stand.


I was not hurt or upset. I was actually quite angry that a priest would behave that way.
Needless to say, the Bishop was not so happy either, when he started getting lots of complaints from other people as well.

I have told you, twice now, that the priest in question did not care to hear my reasons.
Why should I continue to try to reason with an unreasonable man?

And why should I have to explain myself to anyone?

Custody of the eyes people. Learn it, live it.

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