Confessed a mortal sin as if it would be venial by mistake

It was a mistake actually. I had two mortal sins I wanted to confess, which I did, but I forgot to tell the priest that they were made withfull will, and how many times I have committed them. I’m still getting nervous before confession, and I wanted to make sure I told him everything I could think of, so that’s probably why. It was during mass I thought “Oh shoot, I completely forgot to tell that”.

I figured it was an honest mistake and took the communion. Did I do the right thing?
Also, should I tell the priest of these sins again (granted I can remember what I did again), and confess them as mortal this time?

Zoon Corp,
What’s the worst that can happen? I say mention it again next time around, and explain the situation. I’m sure father has handled similar things before. :smiley:

Do not worry about it. You did fine. You were just nervous not deliberately withholding. You don’t need to reconfess it. You can if it makes you feel better but it is not necessary. God bless!

If one forgets to confess a mortal sin -or say it was 2 and one forget to say it was 2 …but was contrite and resolved against mortal sin and one meant to confess all ones mortal sins -such would be indirectly absolved. One is still though obliged to confess it in the next confession.

(I will note that there can be some readers who can be rather scrupulous about past sins - they need a regular confessor to guide them)

Unless you intentionally didn’t say the amount, I don’t think it’s a huge deal. You repented for your sins and that’s the most important thing. If you remember a sin afterwards or even if the thought of one passes through your mind during the confession, but for whatever reason you just didn’t say it (without intention of withholding it), then just confess it next time you go. You could always just ask the priest otherwise if you should reconfess these things.

I think usually you don’t say if they are mortal or venial, and usually you confess them all as mortal, altough you can also confess the venial ones too, but you can even say them without telling they are, so from that part there is no problem . on the other hand i think you should say this the next time you confess, but worry not, since it was not made on purposse all your sins are forgiven.

Yeah, there’s no reason to say “this is a mortal sin” or whatever. Just confess all the sins you can think of.

If you don’t know the amount of times you did something, then you cay say a few, several, or even I’m not sure how many times.

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