Confessed a sin twice

I recently went to Confession and confessed a sin that I have already confessed in a previous confession. I didn’t think that it was heard by the priest the last time plus he never gave me any input about it. So when I went again I confessed it again. What do you think? Was it alright that I did that or was doing that a sin in itself. Thanks and God Bless.

After a Confession I usually ask for forgiveness of sins, whether mortal or venial that I may have forgotten to mention but may end up remembering after I’ve already left the confessional. Is this alright to do and does it absolve those sins?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what you did. I know last time I went to confession I tried my best to make a good confession, because it had been years & I feel like I didn’t know how to truly confess before that. After about being done with the confession I told the priest I wasn’t sure what else to say & he prayed for my forgotten sins to also be forgiven. Hope that helps…

There is nothing wrong with confessing a previously confessed sin, as long as you are not scrupulous and as long as you do not doubt God’s mercy. (Be aware, however, that there are some priests who discourage this practice.)

Some reasons it might be OK to re-confess a sin already absolved:
*]To renew your resolve to avoid a past sin, and to gain sacramental grace to avoid it
*]To renew your gratitude for God’s forgiveness of the sin
*]When you are making a devotional confession (no new serious matter to confess) and you need to confess something for sacramental validity
*]If you KNOW you were not completely honest when confessing it the first time (if you are scrupulous and always questioning the sincerity/completeness of your confessions, this may be a bad idea, and you should have ONE confessor and follow his advice on this)

When re-confessing a sin already absolved, it is probably a good idea to let the priest know that is what you are doing. For example, after confessing all your “new” sins, you can say something like, “I am sorry for these and all the sins of my past life, especially for _______.”

Remember Confession isn’t meant to be counseling. So I recommend that next time you want input on a confessed sin, you make an appointment to speak with your priest in a counseling/spiritual direction setting.

We had a similar question come up in one of our RCIA sessions recently.

Our pastor (gotta love him) explained that they understand that sometimes there is an “intimidation factor” involved in confession.

He said once you get to the point of actually revealing your sins, “When in doubt, spit it out.”

I about passed out laughing so hard.

I don’t think that’s necessary if you have a simple question that can be answered quickly, within the normal couple of minutes it takes to make a confession. Making an appointment would probably take more of the priest’s time.

He doesn’t have to give input on every sin. If you confess and are sorry that is enough.
Don’t second guess the priest, but it doesn’t appear to a sin from what you stated.
Asking forgiveness for sins forgotten is great but you need to confess them as soon as possible for absolution.

True but if it is a simple question, it is still appropriate to step out of the confessional to ensure no one else is waiting.

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