Confessed sin, unsure about it

Years ago, I confessed a sin to a priest. English was not his first language, so I’m not sure if he understood me. I tried to clarify and I think he understood it, but he seemed to believe it wasn’t really that serious (it is). Should I confess this again? I’m not sure if it got forgiven.

Nope, I’m pretty sure that with your effort at Confessing this it is forgiven. I would wait for other members advice too. :smiley:

There is no need to confess the sin again (unless you’ve committed it again…). Assuming that you confessed with a contrite heart, and that the priest absolved you, and you performed the assigned penance, his command of a common language is not required for validity. (AAA post dealing with similar issue, answer by Fr. Serpa)

That said, if it is weighing on your conscience or you are worried about it still, it might be worthwhile to seek counsel from your pastor or spiritual advisor.


if you sincerely confessed your sin, it was absolved. you should still ask this same question to your priest or the next time you go to confession and he will give you more peace of mind.

Priests who sense that you know a sin is serious are naturally not going to heap more guilt onto you, not while you’re in the confessional! It is like going to a doctor: if you seem sufficiently impressed by your malady that you obviously do not want to suffer the same disease or injury again, you are likely to be spared a lecture about how your plight could have been avoided. If anything, doctors try to hide their concern for your condition, in order to let you know they are confident of your cure. It is like that with confessors, too. They also do not want you to dread coming back, should you repeat the sin. They want you to come back as often and for as many times as it takes to leave the sin behind. If they are too stern, you might fear coming to confess the same serious sin again. This would be disasterous, the worst possible outcome!! They want to be the first person you go to with a serious sin, not the last person you want to face!

Priests tend to be far more stern in homilies, since they are presumably talking to at least a few people who aren’t confessing or repenting of the sin in question, who still need to be impressed by the seriousness of the sin. Once those people show up in the same priests’ confessionals, though, the need for a sermon no longer exists. Rather, affection for the sacrament needs to be fostered. Fear of the confessional is the last thing they want to put into you.

if he gave you absolution yes all your sins were forgiven unless you deliberately withheld a mortal sin.

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