Confessing a fettish


Do you have to go into detail and say what the fettish is I would perfer not to I can’t . Seal of confession or not I can’t :o


If the fetish is in fact a mortal sin, then yes you do.:eek:

That is very simple actually.

If it is not in fact a mortal sin, then no you don’t.:thumbsup:

That too is actually very simple.

The fact that you feel that you can or cannot confess really doesn’t matter. You either follow the rules or you don’t.

That is also very simple.


How do i know. Please don’t say full knowlege grave matter and full consent I know that . I just don’t know if i had that. I am so afraid of ruining my confession


Researching what A fetish Is I don’t think I have one. However I might Im just going to say I possibly have one in confession tonight


It might be helpful, though. Remember, that God already knows what your issue/attachment is. Perhaps confessing it in the Sacrament of Reconciliation would help you work through your attachment. You don’t need to give full details of it to the priest, but perhaps saying: “I’m aroused and follow through when I’m near (XXXXXXXwhateveritisXXXXX).” Or: “I have an unhealthy sexual attitude towards (XXXXXwhateveritisXXXXX)”.

You might be surprised at the help you’ll receive. Of course, I have confess my sins behind a screen to a priest that doesn’t know which face belongs to which voice once he’s out of the confessional.

God bless and keep you. St. Augustine, please pray for this person. :gopray:


I didn’t really think of it as a sin till now but i am going to mention it not matter how mortifying it may be . Trusting in God’s Love and Mercy


Let me make it even simpler - A fetish is never a mortal sin. Why?

All Sins are Acts of the Will.
Desires are not Acts of the Will
Therefore, Desires are not Sins.

A Fetish is a Desire.
Desires are not Sins.
Therefore, a Fetish is not a Sin.

All Mortal Sins are Sins.
A Fetish is not a Sin.
Therefore, a Fetish is not a Mortal Sin.

As you can see, having a fetish is not sinful and therefore does not need confessed. Acting on the fetish (the desire) or purposefully fantasizing about acting on the fetish IS sinful and can be mortally sinful depending on what the fetish is. Having involuntary thoughts, which you dismiss is NOT sinful.


Mentioning it probably is a good idea. Trusting in God’s Love and Mercy - also a good idea. God bless.


It depends on what the fetish is I guess. If it’s something that actually causes you to not have a normal sexual life, then you should get some help.

The main thing to note about a fetish is that you can’t gain arousal without doing/seeing/fantasizing about that object or act. If you just get a very high level of arousal for whatever it is, but don’t really need that thing for sexual arousal, then it’s not a fetish.

One good example is a person who is attracted to brunettes. You may prefer brunettes, but if you can’t get aroused unless you see a brunette, then you have a fetish for a brunettes. So lets say you marry a blonde, but have a brunette fetish. While you’re having sex, you have to picture her as a brunette in order to gain arousal or maybe you start thinking about another person. This is where issues start to arise.

Is it a sin? It depends on how you act upon these desires.


People keep complaining about this situation. They all suffer from the same problem: My personal ego is more important to me than God’s forgiveness
First confess the sin of pride which is keeping you from confessing something else. Then confess the (other) sin(s) you have committed.
Confession is not about you. You have not been hurt. Confession is about God, who has been hurt. You are there to apologize. Yes, it probably is uncomfortable. Don’t do things that will later make you feel uncomfortable.

Reb Levi

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