Confessing a sin from teenage times

Hello, I wish to have an answer by a theologian if possible. I remember committing a sin that is grave matter, however I did not have the faith at the time but was baptized (I think by natural reason I knew it was wrong, for example people know its wrong by natural reason to kill others etc.), its a sin from my teenage years and I do want to confess it and hopefully will. I just wish to know whether I am obliged to confess such a sin, that happened many years ago in such circumstances, since at the time my lack of faith would seem to mean that I lacked all the knowledge needed for mortal sin. And whether grave matter, not mortal sin, must be confessed. Thanks in advance. God bless.

I’m not sure that this forum is chockablock with “theologians”.

If you remember a grave matter sin and remember knowing it was wrong on some level, then just go confess it.

The general rule is that if you commit an act that you reasonably know is wrong (as you say you do here) and it’s grave matter, best to just confess it. Don’t do an analysis to determine whether it’s mortal sin; the priest will do such an analysis if it is necessary, but we aren’t expected to figure out for sure if our sins are mortal before we step foot in the confessional.

If it was somehow not mortal then you would not be OBLIGATED to confess it, but it’s clearly bothering you, which is a sign that you should just confess it rather than try to engage in some kind of analysis of whether it’s actually mortal or not.


I agree bring it to confession and let it go. It came to your memory for a reason take it to confession

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