Confessing an objective mortal sin

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What if one forgets to confess to something that is an objective mortal sin but whose grave nature was unknown to the person at the time it was committed?

The second link you posted is to a dissident, extreme Traditionalist site. Their “examination of conscience” has been previously shown to be faulty with respect to current church discipline.

I trust that you have just stumbled upon the site accidentally, however you should be aware that your post might be deleted by moderators if you don’t delete the link. And, no, I’m not reporting it myself.

I think Fr Grondin put it very well when he said: “We should always want to apologize and ask forgiveness once we realize we’ve done something wrong”.

But there won’t be the strict requirement to seek confession ASAP, nor to abstrain from Eucharist before your next confession.

Mortal sins are never purely objective: there’s a subjective component that takes them from ‘grave matter’ to ‘mortal sin’.

Therefore, if a person didn’t know that there was grave matter in play, then there could be no mortal sin – the sin would be venial, by definition.

However, to the point in the “ask an apologist” question, the desire to confess grave matter – even if there’s only venial sin – is appropriate. Nevertheless, forgetting to confess a venial sin – regardless of the reason that the sin is venial – does not invalidate a confession. :wink:

Not entirely sure what the question is here. In general, if we realize we forgot to mention anything that we should have mentioned during confession, we simply must mention it the next time we go but do not need to go again immediately for reasons of the forgotten sin.

Whether or not we knew there was grave matter involved at the time we committed the act or not doesn’t really matter from this angle. It is not clear to me from Fr. Grondin’s answer whether the confession of such an act is strictly required or is just something that is good practice, but in any case, anything you simply forgot to confess, given that you intended to confess correctly, should just be mentioned next time.

Just as an additional note, forgetting to confess a mortal sin, so long as the person intended to confess them all, does not invalidate a confession either, the person just has an obligation to confess any such sins next time they go to confession.

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