Confessing Certain Sins

I attempted to start a similar thread in another sub-forum, but unfortunately, my thread was deleted without explanation. (I certainly cannot see how such a thread would break any forum rules, but I may be mistaken.) Since it would be helpful if I get a few questions answered, I’m going to attempt to ask them here instead. :slight_smile:

My questions are about how to confess certain sins. I know that we have to confess sins by type and we have to say how many times we committed them, as best as we can. But with regard to viewing impure images and engaging in self-abuse:

  1. Is the act of self-abuse one type of sin, or is it more than one? For example, if someone were to confess this sin, would they also be obliged to confess having lustful fantasies, committing adultery in their heart, etc.?

  2. If a person sits down and views impure images for a particular length of time, does such a viewing session constitute this sin being committed one time or more? Similar to the above question, should things like lustful fantasies be confessed in addition to this sin?

To get at this another way: if someone watched impure movies while engaging in self-abuse, and did so for maybe half an hour, would they be able to completely and properly confess these sins by saying I viewed pornography once and I engaged in self-abuse once? Or would they need to list further kinds of sin, along with the length of time they engaged in these acts, as well?

For the moderators, my sincere apologies if, for some reason, these questions are off-limits. As I said above, I simply would like to have these questions answered. If this thread needs to be deleted, would you please tell me why in a private message? That way I can try other ways to have these questions answered, whether here on CAF or elsewhere. :thumbsup:

one time. confess viewing pornographic material. and confess masturbating. each time you start and stop is one time. it’s not the exact number of times, it’s that you don’t try to minimize it. the Lord knows how long and how often. He wants you to admit it to yourself, so you will understand the gravity, and repent of your behavior.

if you google ‘a good confession’ or similar terms, you will find all kinds of help on how to do an examination of conscience, and how to confess your sins. trust in God’s mercy!

Hi, Bisco. :slight_smile:

Would you also consider “having lustful fantasies” to be a third mortal sin in this scenario?

Frankly, I wonder if confessing “merely” those two sins is truly a complete confession.

if you are encouraging fantasy while masturbating, i would consider that a sin as well. confess it all and try to avoid it in the future with prayer and fasting.

Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

I’d really like to dig into the moral theology of all of this. I have a more succinct way of posing the question:

When someone views pornography and commits masturbation, they are almost certainly having lustful fantasies while so doing. Does this mean that this action consists of three kinds of mortal sin, to wit, viewing pornography, committing self-abuse, and engaging in lustful fantasy? If yes, must all three kinds of sin be confessed, or do the first two both inherently contain and insinuate the third?

i’ve always considered it pornography and masturbation. never really considered the fantasy part. now when i’m having relations with my wife, the fantasy becomes a problem i’m constantly fighting. and the pornographic scenes.

I would say to discuss this with a priest to find out if and when all of that is mortally sinful.

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