Confessing disorded sexual acts


Before really embracing Catholic faith, I had some really “kinky” and kind of sick stuff going on in my sex life that I really don’t think it is appropriate to mention here.

I know when we confess we need to specify certain things: it was adultery, sodomy, incest, etc, etc… but outside these, we need to describe a certain specific dirty practice or desire that were done between husband and wife or it would suffice to say: “sexual acts and desires practiced in a unnatural and impure way”.


That would probably be fine; the priest can ask for more specificity if he needs to.

If it involved harming the body in some way, such as with physical injury, I would mention that.



I honestly don’t think you need to give kinky details during Confession, just state briefly the nature of the sin.


Yes, not this kind of thing.

There is a sort of pride that Satan throws up in front of us “your sins are especially weird, I mean so shocking that the priest is likely to gasp and never look at you the same way again. Heck, he just might excommunicate you ON THE SPOT” and so on and so on.

Remember, our sins are not unique, the priest (unless he left Seminary last Tuesday) has heard it all before. Our sins are dull and boring.

Be brief, be bold, be gone.

Remember, the brevity part. If Father needs more details, he will ask.


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