Confessing doubt of a Sacrament?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if I should confess doubting a certain Sacrament during the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I don’t reject this certain Sacrament, I just don’t fully understand, and have not often seen the fruits of it. I’m wondering if this is proper to confess during Confession, because is doubting a sin?

I just recently returned to the Church and am still confused about some issues - thanks for any responses!

I think it would be more proper to seek to educate yourself about the Sacrament. Talk to a priest or other Catholic you respect and find out exactly what the Church’s teaching is on the Sacrament and why it teaches that. It is not sinful to just intellectually or emotionally “not get” something the Church teaches.

Since doubt is a normal part of the process of living the issue may not be serious enough for confession (persistent doubt is since it means that you have failed to resolve the doubt). In the case you mentioned I would suggest that, instead of raising this issue in confession, you seek out a good priest or deacon and address this as an issue for spiritual direction. It’s a good idea to have a spiritual director (or, as they are called in the East, a Spiritual Father/Mother) who can help you in your spiritual life.

Deacon Ed

Hi Craisin!

It sounds to me like what you’re feeling may be better term a difficulty with understanding, rather than a doubt of the Sacrament itself. Difficulties are okay, just try to resolve them! If you still feel iffy about whether or not it’s a sin, go ahead and expain your problem to the priest in the Confessional and ask 1) if it is a sin; and 2) What’s to be done about it. I hope that helps! :thumbsup:


Hi there

I agree with the above posts. As you have said that you do not reject the sacrament, I don’t think you need to confess this formally as part of the reconciliation. I would definitely take some time to discuss/research the particular sacrament so that any confusion can hopefully be cleared up.
I know from my own experience, that sometimes the faith seems complex, and that’s OK. So don’t panic too much, see this as a learning curve to deepen your faith and not something you should be ashamed of!

If you don’t deny the sacrament outright, then it’s probably not a sin. We all have had our doubts from time to time. Even Mother Theresa had her doubts. Some of this theology can be pretty deep and confusing.

However, I would try to research the reason behind the sacraments, why we have them and talk to a preist or deacon to help you understand.

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