Confessing 'foreplay'


Is foreplay before marriage a mortal sin?

In a foreplay, there are many sexual acts to do then when it comes to confession, should a penitent say each sexual act that he did on a foreplay or by ‘foreplay’ is enough for in it each act is considered there?


IMO, foreplay in a dating relationship is like dousing yourself with gasoline. Not a wise idea, but unless you light a match … Then again, why take the chance? A sin, most likely yes, how deadly serious, only you would know.
What comes after the foreplay ???
The problem is, foreplay in a dating relationship is like trying to eat a pound of chocolate and not expect to either gain five pounds or get sick to your stomach. Not a wise idea.
Find something better to do with your time. Respect your lady, I think she will think more highly of you than if you …………


It is only “foreplay” if it precedes sexual intercourse. Say something like “sexual touching.”


You don’t have to list each act, just say you and your girlfriend/partner engaged in sexual acts.

Edit:yes, it’s a mortal sin. Basically anything sexual is a mortal sin before marriage. Sexual desire without acting on it/engaging in lustful thoughts isn’t wrong though.


Sexual acts are different from foreplay which can be kissing, hugging, caressing etc etc.

A sexual act is different, something such as oral sex and is sin inside and outside of marriage. I would confess the sin as oral sex with my girlfriend if that were the case.


One of the biggest mistakes of my life was engaging in foreplay with my girlfriend/fiance before we were married. As a young, single man this played havoc with my judgement and I married the wrong person, for which I paid dearly.

Confess it, every time, with simple words such as “foreplay”, and make avoiding it a priority. If your girlfriend won’t cooperate in avoiding it, then run.


I don’t know from what you say , but I think you know that anyone indulging in it is well of the way to committing fornication .


I can’t have this argument again, but for anyone who might be reading, oral sex within marriage is not a sin. There’s a small cadre of people around here on some kind of anti-oral sex crusade and you should just ignore them.



The search function brings up the most recent debate we have had here around the topic:

It touches on foreplay, and also has plenty of links to Catholic priests answering questions like these. I would recommend reading it, it has a balanced view. Within marriage.

Outside of marriage, it’s not allowed.


You have to confess each type of mortal sin, and the number of times it was committed. A sexual act is not “foreplay”; it is sex outside of marriage. Could you discuss with us some hypothetical cases, rather than telling us your sins?


Personally I would say unnatural sex act. But nothing is wrong with your way.


Prior to marriage, best rule of thumb: If you would do the act(s) in public, in front of her dad and your grandma and the parish priest you have stayed inside the bounds. If not, confess it.


No I like unnatural sex act better as well, thanks for that.


That thread is closed. I’ll open a new thread on the subject.


I don’t think we need another thread, unless the question has changed.

That’s why there is a search function! :tulip:


you cannot be serious


The Magisterium has condemned sexual acts which are non-unitive and/or non-procreative, even when climax is not present. The absence of climax does not make a deliberate use of the sexual faculty not a sexual act, or not possibly a grave sin, or merely “foreplay”.


Sure. Who knows. I can’t believe how many calories some people burn trying to make sure married couples don’t have oral sex.


No. I was being sarcastic. I know what the Catechism teaches. I’m just sick to death of the topic, and the small cadre of people (interestingly, almost all of whom seem to be single) who seem to have made it their mission in life to make sex as sterile and technical as possible.


I’m usually just being a grump. Don’t mind me.

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