Confessing how many times?


So, I have a question. I know that watching porn is a sin. But, suppose you see pornographic images or videos, would each image or video count as “a time” for Confession (since we must confess how many times we committed mortal sins), or would, for example if you were to see these bad images (like 20 images for example) for a while, leave it, then come back to see 10 images (for example) be considered the “times”? I apologize if I am not making sense, feel free to ask for clarification.


I would confess how many separate sessions you had of looking at porn. For example: “I confess two occasions of looking at porn and three occasions of masturbating.” There is certainly no need to confess the number of individual videos and photos.


Also if you honestly can’t remember how many time you did something or have questions like this ask your confessor. I’ve done that in the past and it has helped me make a better confession.

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My goodness! Thank you all! You were very helpful! I am now confident in making a good confession. :slight_smile:


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