Confessing lust: how much detail?

Is lusting for a man who is married ir who is a priest worse than lusting for a single man?? In confession if i have lusted for a priest do i say :i have commited lust or is it ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to say it was a priest?

I think just saying that you’ve commited lust X number of times would be appropriate. Maybe say that the man is unavailable, but I think if you confessed it was a priest, that might make it uncomfortable to the one you are confessing to.

Just mention lust or strong lust. Dear Lord, if I mentioned every woman on earth I’ve ever lusted or masturbated about, the priest would be tied up with me in confession for 2 weeks.

Mean it with a sincere heart and you will be forgiven. PAX CHRISTI!

You could say that you desired someone who was not available/attainable?

So the point is: its not necessary to say it was a priest or married man? And i asked because i heard if you had anything that could make your sin worse the you have to say it. Thoughts?

No, it is not necessary. Sometimes it may be helpful to confess more details, and other times not - but it is not necessary. I have found that when I confess such details I end up focusing mentally on the shame of the details, rather than just naming the sin and moving on. As another poster said, admitting that it was a priest may be triggering to the priest. He may even wonder if it was him!

See How specific in confession?

You need to name the sin. But you don’t have to go into detail.[Fr Serpa]

Thank you sooo much! May God bless you all! That really put my mind at ease.

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