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I ask that you please be patient here as this is a difficult question to ask. I struggle with impurity and mild homosexual tendencies. Recently I lusted towards some ordained clergy. I am ashamed and will be going to Confession to confess this and other sins over the weekend, which is my next opportunity to do so. However, I am not sure how to broach this subject in Confession. I will mention that I entertained lustful thoughts, including homosexual thoughts, but do I have to mention that it was towards clergy too? Also, is it necessary or appropriate to mention the rank of the clergy towards which I lusted (I fear I may have lusted towards a Bishop)? Sorry that this is an odd question, but for me it is very severe.


I am going to answer, as I fear others might shy away. Do you think you are the first person to be attracted to a Priest? He is a married man… to the Church. Being attracted to anyone married might increase the gravity, but again, sexual attraction doesn’t always follow the rules.

I would say that it would be more grave for a Priest to be attracted to one of his flock then the other way around, but they too are subject to sin as is any man or woman. There are those who suffer from far more insidious attractions than this.

I don’t see the need for getting super specific, unless you just feel it should be that way. You could go to a confessor that does not know you. Satan will use whatever means he can to bring us down. It is up to us to fight those urges and to pray for help and guidance.

Don’t let this be a wedge to drive yourself away from the Church. Nothing would please Satan more, rather go to confession, and pray the Novena or Chaplet of Divine Mercy. If it happens again, say the last part of the Hail Mary the instant it creeps into your mind. Sound advice about lust from my confessor.

Peace be with you.


During confession, you don’t need to nor probably should you give overly much detail. Just the sin and the number of times. Keep it simple.

It’s highly unlikely the confessor will ask for more detail then what you give him.


:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: All sins are shameful. None of us are exempt from being sinners. Therefore, approach our Lord in humble trust. I second the peace be with you from esieffe!


The best advice given. Go to a priest you do not know. Confess. Don’t let Satan fool you on this.

Here is a prayer that say when I have thoughts and feelings that are sinful, “Dear God, place a veil around me so that the evil one can not know my thoughts. I give these thoughts to you. You know me and will protect me.”

Satan is not omnipotent. He can not know our thoughts unless we give him permission to. In the confessional you are safe as well. You will be forgiven.


you’re alive don’t worry friend shame is human does.

thank You :thumbsup:

God bless peace

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