Confessing Sin Wrong

I always bring a little notepad with my sins in it to confession. I have nasty handwriting. With these two combined, I bet you can predict where this OP will go! :o

So I was confessing one of my sins about calling jurors (I had jury duty I said this days before going to jury duty) rude names (not racist/sexist/derogatory) in a conversation with my biological father. In the confessional I couldn’t read my handwriting, and I confessed calling the group of jurors rude instead of confessing that I called them rude names. The insult was not directed at any specific person. In fact, I don’t even remember the insult.

Now I don’t even know if it was a mortal sin to begin with. I think the rude name slipped out, but I’m not sure. The main point here is confessing the wrong sin. I didn’t call the jurors rude. I called them a rude name.

I assume I am good to go, but I just want to make sure. I couldn’t really find anything like this when I searched.

Please, please talk to your confessor. Do you trust the advice of strangers on the internet more than his advice? I realize you feel you cannot approach him. Approach anyway. Print out every post you have made on this site and take it to him. Have him read what you have written and then trust his advice. Follow his directions and trust in the incredible mercy of the Lord. If the Lord can forgive me, He can forgive you. He loves us more than we can possibly imagine.

Melodeonist, you are fine.

This is not a mortal sin.

You spoke against people…that is the broad category for the offense, simply said. Whether you called them “rude” or “rude names,” you adequately hit the category when you confessed, certainly for this level of sin. There are details that go beyond what we, as confessors, need.

If you confessed to calling them rude when, in fact, you had meant to confess that you had “rudely assaulted them physically,” then your confession would need to be amended – although if you didn’t remember and misread it, you would not need to do it other than at your next confession. Do you see the distinction between this latter situation and what I said in the paragraph above?

The law requires that we do the best we can in confessing. Already you are making a step beyond what is strictly required by writing out your confession. If you misread or fail to note something you wrote on it, there is no culpability for you. Be at peace.

Please do continue to work with your regular confessor to help you with your sensitivity of conscience.

Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

I will bring up scruples, and better understanding sin at my next RCIA meeting which is later this month. :slight_smile:

A personal visit with your confessor would be better.
They are going to give you a general idea of what scruples are. You know you have them. You need personal guidance.
Best wishes!

You’re fine. Remember at the end you say “and all of the other sins of my life.” Your intention wasn’t to hide it from the Priest, you just made a human error. It happens!

My dear you think too much.

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